Tips to Ensure You Never Lose Your Dog

How to Ensure You Never Lose Your Dog

Dogs are not only cuddly creatures that keep us company and secure. They’re also a part of every owner’s family. We all know that every pet parent’s fear is losing them; however, we must also admit that most dogs are quite inquisitive and would like to wander around most of the time.

To ensure that your dog won’t be lost somewhere, you have to take essential steps even before it could happen. As a dog owner, it is your responsibility to treat them like your own child. In this article, we’ll discuss the following ways to make sure your dog won’t go missing:

1. Invest in Various Identification Methods

There are different options that you can use to make it much easier to track your dog. One of the most popular methods is implanting a microchip with your dog’s information in it.

A microchip is an ultra-small device that is implanted under your dog’s skin through a painless procedure. Most countries nowadays require owners to have this done on their pets to detect their whereabouts if ever they get lost or if someone claims that the dog is theirs.

The device contains a numeric code which includes various information from pets. However, you have to keep in mind that only veterinarians are allowed to do the procedure on pets. Moreover, if you want to change any information like phone number or address, you should inform the veterinarian in charge.

Another means of identification is an Identification tag which is a traditional way of knowing details about a dog. The usual information is written down such as the owner’s phone number and address. Luckily, thanks to modern technology, there are additional features that are added such as the QR code where people can scan and know more about the pet’s health, characteristics, and other necessary information.

2. Buy a Sturdy Harness or Collar

Buying a cheap harness or collar may save you money, but imagine if your dog gets too excited and suddenly the harness breaks. Actually, a lot of things could happen due to your dog running fast and getting lost as a result. This is especially true if he’s not trained yet.

That said, investing in a sturdy collar is essential so you don’t have to worry every time you are about to walk your dog outside. It is also helpful to buy a uniquely designed collar so you can easily identify your dog. Moreover, glow in the dark collars are available in the market and are convenient for owners when searching for their dogs at night or in dark rooms.

3. Teach Your Dog Basic Commands

Teaching basic commands to your dogs as soon as they can be taught will more likely prevent them from getting lost. It is necessary for your dog to know when to stay and when to go while recognizing you as the owner. Additionally, it is going to help a lot if you strive to teach them the basics instead of a trainer since they will be able to follow you better in this manner.

4. Consider Getting a Second Leash for a Large Dog

This will allow you to have full control of your dog. However, it’s not only applicable to larger dogs but also for those who are good at escaping. There are lots of accessories like a non-slip harness that you can research online if you are having thoughts of buying another one.

5. Be Cautious When Taking Your Dog in a Big Crowd

There is a higher chance that you will lose your dog in a concert or park that has a lot of people. Dog thieves are everywhere, and if they fancy your pet, they will do anything to snatch. Another thing to note is when there are loud noises in the vicinity like fireworks or a screaming crowd. This is because they might cause your pet to be terrified, forcing him to search for a quiet place.

6. Introduce Your Dog to Your Neighbors

Letting your neighbors get to know your dog will help a lot if they suddenly go out of the house unnoticed. When your pet is recognized by your neighbors, you will have a higher chance of finding him with ease in the event he’s gone outside.

7. Check Your Fence

Is your fence too short for your dog that he can jump on it with ease? If that’s the case, then it is best to get the right size to make sure that your dog won’t have any chance of escaping.

8. Purchase a GPS Tracker

Microchips can be really helpful, but you can’t use them to track your dogs when you are not around. That said, a GPS tracker can be really handy as it has a lot of features to allow you to check your dog from time to time through any mobile device or even your laptop. Just remember to look for a tracker that is accurate enough to determine the location of your pet.

9. Get Your Pet a Seatbelt

Dogs find it easier to escape in a car. As soon as you open the door, they can just jump and run around. While this may not be risky when you are in an open space, it will be a lot harder to find your pet when you are in a park with lots of trees or other places that are crowded. Getting a seatbelt will ensure that your dog stays in his place while you do other things outside.

10. Don’t Leave Your Dogs Outside

Regardless if you have a high fence and gate, dogs may find ways to get out of your property. Also, someone in your house might have forgotten to close the gates, allowing your pet to roam around free.

As a dog owner, being cautious and knowing the consequences that could happen to your dogs when you don’t pay attention to them is really important. With these tips we mentioned, you will be able to keep your pets safe from harm and prevent instances of losing them.

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