The Most Adorable Pug Mixes

The Most Adorable Pug Mixes

Pugs are known to be entertaining and comical dogs. Because of their cute smile, squishy faces, and wrinkled fur, they have taken over the Internet and have become one of the most adorable dog breeds in the world.

It was in Ancient China where pugs were originally bred to become royal playmates. Because the breed has gone a long way, it has made its way to different homes across the world. They have always been part of the popular dog breeds list. It is not difficult to see why this is.

Because of their cool temperament, they are great companions. Since pugs can be easily recognized, there are many pug mixes such as pug poodle mix and pug beagle mix. Therefore, we made a list of the most adorable pug mixes.


The Chug
This chihuahua pug mix is stunning because of its parents. You can expect them to be small since chihuahuas are the smallest pure-bred dogs. If you are considering chihuahua mixes, you should check chugs out.

When you consider this pug mix, you have to keep in mind that they can be hard-headed and independent dogs. Therefore, they are best for owners who have experience taking care of dogs.

Socialization is also crucial for this breed. They also need more grooming since they have double coats.

Corgi Pugs

Corgi Pug
The characteristics of corgis and pugs are seen in corgi pugs. You can see the wrinkly face of a pug and a corgi’s short legs. When these 2 are combined, you have an iconic corgi pug mix.

Corgi pugs are great for different types of people because of the temperaments of their parents. A corgi is known to be hardworking, while a pug likes to be lazy and lounging around. This corgi mix is a blend of these characteristics.


The mixes of a Siberian husky and a pug are not very obvious, but you will surely want to hug this husky pug mix. Its parents have completely different appearances and personalities.

What you can expect is a medium-sized pug mix that is active and playful. They are also loyal, loving, and sweet. Nevertheless, because of their playfulness, they need a lot of time for everyday activities.


The physical and personality attributes of the parents of this Boston terrier pug mix are similar. Similar to pugs, Boston terriers have a slightly wrinkled face and a short snout. Even though there are differences in this mix, the facial features are almost the same.

You will easily fail in love when you have a bugg. They are great companions because their parents are bred to be the same. They are very cheerful and loyal. Therefore, they will stay with you no matter what happens.


This pitbull pug mix is a good family dog that does not shed much and loves to play. Unlike pugs that are generally quiet, pugpits bark quite frequently. Nevertheless, this pug mix can adapt quite well, so they can be great to have if you live in an apartment.

They are also friendly which is great for families. They do not require much grooming since these dogs do not shed a lot. It is alright to brush them every other day. Because they are active, you have to give time to exercise and play with them.

When training them, you need to be patient. Moreover, you have to keep a close eye on them and let them know you are the master.

Bull Pugs

Bull Pug
Many bull pugs have wide shoulders, round heads, deep, almond-shaped, black eyes, a coiled tail, and a prominent round head. This bulldog pug mix is loving, playful, reliable, and fun like the parents. They are great pets for families because they love to be in the company of their loved ones.

Nevertheless, they can spend time by themselves without having to cling to you all the time. They are great with children because of their soft demeanor, so they can be gentle when playing with young children. Since bull pugs are relaxed and calm, they do not need much exercise. Enough playtime and a 30-minute walk every day are enough.


The pomeranian pug mix is an interesting hybrid dog breed. Pomapugs closely resemble pug-a-mo physically. However, they have a calmer and more relaxed trait. When there is a pomapug at home, you will see that it likes to sprawl on their owners’ laps.

They have so much fun whenever they play. Its pomeranian mix makes it more alert and can make them good watch dogs as well.


Daugs are a pug dachshund mix that is medium-sized. They have a large, round head, dark eyes, wrinkled face, a slim to a muscular body, and a tail similar to pugs. For their personalities, they are friendly and loving which makes them great house pets.

Many of them get deeply connected to their owners, so they lounge on their owners’ laps for a long period. When they are left alone for a long time, they could get destructive since they are always looking for company.

Even though they are energetic, they do not need a lot of time for exercising. A single long walk or 2 short walks in a day every day is enough.


Pugadors have become one of the famous pug mixes because of the hybrid of pugs to Americans’ favorite breed, labrador. Nevertheless, nothing much is known about his pug lab mix.

They have the temper of labradors. Moreover, they are loyal since this trait is found both on pugs and labradors. They love people, so they are charging, friendly, and attention-loving dogs.

Finally, these are just some of the pug mixes we love. There are many others worth checking out like husky mixes. For pug mixes, they are generally cute and friendly, so even if you have kids at home, you do not need to worry.

Moreover, they will never leave you alone making them loyal companions. All you have to do is care for and love them, and you will surely have a friend for life.

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