Mountain Dog Breeds

Top 5 Mountain Dog Breeds and What Makes Them Great

Mountain dog breeds are fast becoming popular these days, not just as farm work buddies but also as family dogs. After all, these dogs are known to be protective, lovable, and affectionate, as they are also strong and fierce.

While all of this is true, it should still be considered that mountain dog breeds have traits and necessities that are generally different from the usual breed of pet dogs. So, make sure to educate yourself well on this matter before jumping on and making a big decision.

What Are Mountain Dog Breeds?

Mountain dogs came from a lineage that was either born or raised in mountainous regions. These dogs were known to help watch over livestock in farms or mountain locations.

In fact, they often worked with farmers in guarding herds of cattle, sheep, and other animals. There, they helped protect the farm animals against vultures.

Some were also used as rescue dogs, especially in snow-covered mountains, with some of them still working today. On the other hand, others are travel buddies while hiking in the mountains.

German Shepherd used to be the most popular dog known for being trainable. This is because it’s the most well-known among all the German Dog Breeds in the previous years. However, dogs of other pedigrees have since been discovered for their great potential, too.

Characteristics of Mountain Dog Breeds

Mountain dog breeds are probably one of the best types of dogs to invest in. More than being man’s best friend, they are very reliable and highly versatile. As a result, they make good companions, whether be it for your home or farm.
As there is a wide range of great dog breeds to choose from, here’s a highlight of the Mountain Dog Breed’s traits that makes them stand out among the rest:

1. They are called the “expert-level breeds”

Mountain dogs are talented by lineage. This is why they are often used to work on farms. They are obedient, which makes them easy to train.
Moreover, their dog owners can best maximize their potential. However, they should either be experienced in handling this breed, knows how to train them well, or approach an expert who does.

2. Protective

Mountain dog breeds also make good guardians. Their protective instincts allow them to be good at watching over their families or properties.

3. Hardworking

Mountain dog breeds are probably the best farm dog one could ever own. They are reliable and can be counted on like human beings. In addition, they can also perform various farm chores such as watching over and protecting the herd, grazing pastures, help pull carts to the market and guard their master’s home and land.

Most Popular Mountain Dog Breeds

Pet enthusiasts or “petsperts” agree that choosing the right pet for your home takes a sense of responsibility, both to the dog and your family. Most especially if you opt to have a mountain dog, do your research well.
As adorable as it may be to have this fantastic fur buddy in your home, caring for them is something that’s not to be taken lightly. With that said, here are the top 5 most popular mountain dog breeds nowadays.

1. Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese Mountain Dog
Of all the lists of great mountain dogs, this breed tops the list. The Bernese Mountain Dog is from the vast lands of Switzerland. They are mainly bred as farm animals to help with chores such as herding the cattle, guarding the farmlands, and pulling carts.

The Bernese Mountain dogs are large, tough, and intelligent. Aside from this, they are also known to be naturally caring and protective. In fact, they get along not just with children but also with other animals. Moreover, they are very loyal and lovable.
However, people who chose to have them should consider their size. They can be massive, which is quite challenging to handle when they get playful and energized.

2. Entlebucher Sennehund

Entlebucher Sennehund
The Entlebucher is one of the relatively smaller Swiss mountain dog breeds. This serves them well, as their main task is to be a cattle drover. It also needs its speed as an all-around farm dog for herding cattle.

The Entlebucher is also known to be the “Laughing Dog” of the Swiss Alps and is also appreciated for its tricolor. They are very energetic and highly spirited, making them enthusiastic allies in farm work. They also get along well with children and are good companions.

3. Siberian Husky

Siberian Husky
Huskies belong to the working sled dog breed. They are part of the popular Russian dog breeds used to living and surviving in a freezing environment.

Siberian Huskies have distinct icy blue or gray eyes, a thick coat of beautiful fur, and triangular ears. They were initially used to pull sleds over frozen lands. However, nowadays, they are also kept as house pets.
This mountain dog breed is not a particularly possessive type of guard dog. It is playful, good-natured, and friendly. However, it also tends to have a very high prey drive. Therefore, it cannot be kept with birds, cats, rabbits, and other livestock.

4. The Great Pyrenees

Great Pyrenees
This breed is one of the largest white dogs around with a weatherproof coat. The Great Pyrenees is considered one of the strongest working dog breed. They are good at detecting wolves and other predators that post threats on the farm.
In fact, these mountain dogs can stand as high as 32 inches and weigh about 100 pounds. This is probably why they were referred to as “Majestic“.

The Great Pyrenees also makes for excellent pets, as they are well-mannered and devoted dogs. They, however, require a lot of patience as they can be stubborn and strong-willed when training.

5. Tibetan Mastiff

Tibetan Mastiff
This breed is considered to be the most expensive dog breed in the world. The Tibetan Mastiff is an enormous mountain dog as it can stand at 26 inches and weigh over 100 pounds. Of all the watchdogs, this is considered the “Guardian Dog Supreme”.
They are best described as courageous, and they are mighty and intimidating. Therefore, it’s doubtful for any intruder to get past this giant.

True to its form, the Tibetan Mastiff was used as guard dogs for livestock centuries ago. They are brilliant, strong protectors and are not fond of strangers. While they are not dangerous, this breed must be handled well due to their protective, territorial nature.
One thing to keep in mind when being considered as pets is that the Tibetan Mastiff is not the type who will run around and play with you. It is generally calm and quiet but not the domesticated sort by nature.


Mountain dog breeds look like adorable and huggable fur babies. However, owning the right dog, especially from this type of dog breed, requires thorough study and research. While they are generally friendly, each one has different traits and maintenance that you have to consider.

With this in mind, it really pays to know your fur buddy well before owning one. This ensures that you have the right dog fit for your family, and of course, the other way around.

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