Jack Russell Mixes

Popular Jack Russell Mixes

Formerly used as fox hunting dogs, Jack Russells are great family dogs who have existed for more than 200 years. These dogs love to explore, have high energy levels, and are aggressive in nature.

Today, they are commonly kept as household pets. They are highly intelligent but can be rather stubborn at times.

That said, if you’re planning to have a Jack Russel in your household, why not go for a mixed breed instead? You can actually find a handful of fantastic Jack Russell mixes at your local shelter.

These hybrids tend to be more skilled and have great features than their purebred counterparts. Besides, they are quite playful and friendly depending on what specific hybrid they are.

Here are some of the popular Jack Russell terrier mixes you can consider:

Jack Russell Chihuahua Mix (Jack Chi)

Jack Russell Chihuahua Mix
Chihuahua breed mixes have attractive physical features as well as a lovely personality. For starters, Jack Chis are hyperactive dogs who are also good with kids. They make good family pets as long as they’re properly trained to socialize.

However, training them is somehow challenging since they are stubborn in nature. Aside from that, they are prone to certain health issues such as allergies as they grow up.

Jack Russell Beagle Mix (Jack-A-Bee)

Jack-A-Bees are sensitive and sweet dogs who resemble the pattern of a beagle. However, they do have the Jack Russell’s sturdy body structure. Beagles mixes like this one are becoming popular recently due to their skillset and features.

Since both the Beagle and Jack Russell were originally bred for hunting, this hybrid was able to retain this instinct. Therefore, a Jack-A-Bee mix can follow a scent for a long distance. However, they still make good family dogs due to their affectionate nature. Since they have high energy levels, they will require active families who will take them out for physical activities.

In addition, Beagles are great escape artists, and it’s something that this mix has able to retain. Thus, you have to secure your home before getting a Jack-A-Bee. Lastly, they can be difficult to train due to their headstrong nature. You also don’t want to get your Jack-A-Bee near the garden since they love to dig around.

Jack Russell and Lab Mix (Jackador)

The Jackador hybrid is an independent dog; therefore, it can be hard to train them. They enjoy being around kids and other family members.

You will need to constantly provide them with high levels of stimulation to prevent them from getting bored. Despite that, Jackadors are very loving, playful, and obedient dogs. Not only are they loyal, but they are also intelligent, and with proper training, they surely make great companions.

Corgi Jack Russell Mix (Cojack)

The Cojack’s face and tail are similar to that of a Pembroke Welsh Corgi. In addition, they are as playful as terriers. The Corgi’s friendly features make them a popular choice for mixing with other breeds, and the Cojack hybrid is one of them.

Cojacks are easy dogs to train since they love to please their owners. They are also loyal, fun-loving, and intelligent dogs. However, they don’t like being alone for a long time. You need to socialize them at an early age to make them friendly.

Overall, Cojacks are excellent companions who love to cuddle. In addition, they are good with children and other pets in your home too.

Jack Russell Dachshund Mix (Jackshund)

This small hunting breed retains the sausage figure of their Dachshund parent. They have elongated bodies and short legs. When socialized early, these designer dogs are good to have around due to their obedient personality.

Furthermore, their jovial nature, intelligence, and courage make them good family dogs. With this combination, you can get fun-loving and affectionate dogs around. As mentioned earlier, their obedient nature makes them easy to train.

Jackshund needs exercise for 30-45 minutes per day, so they are technically low-maintenance which makes them great for older couples. Furthermore, they have loving and affectionate personalities. Due to their laid-back natures, they are excellent with kids.

However, they tend to suffer from separation anxiety. Therefore, you should train them to get used to being alone sometimes from a young age. Remember to exercise them and watch their diet as they are prone to obesity.

Rat Terrier Jack Russell Mix (The Jack-Rat-Terrier)

Rat Terrier Jack Russell Mix
This combination creates a high energy level breed since it’s a hybrid between two terriers. Therefore, you have to exercise them frequently to release some of their excess energy.

When taking them on a walk, keep them on a leash as they may run off after prey. This is because they have a strong prey drive. This makes them perfect for living in the countryside or suburbs.

Luckily, they are sociable dogs that are easy to train. You can even get one of these dogs if you are a first-time owner. However, be ready to deal with their hyperactive personalities.

Jack Russell Pitbull Mix (Jack Pit)

Jack Pit
The Jack Pit is friendly with strangers and family. Besides, training them is not hard. However, you should start socializing them at a young age due to their hunting drive. If not trained properly, they may attack small animals whenever they feel like it.

It is advisable to walk them for at least 30 minutes a day due to their high energy levels. Their active personality and hunting drive means that they’re not recommended for new owners.

Jack Russell Poodle Mix (Jack-A-Poo)

The Jack-A-Poo makes caring, loving, cuddly, and playful dogs. You don’t have to worry about allergies since they do not shed off fur. What’s more, they are good for the family due to their loyal character.

They are also referred to as the Jackadoodle. In addition, they are noisy and bark at strangers. Therefore, it is good to socialize them early since they have independent personalities. However, as they get older, they may struggle to adapt to new places.

Jack Russell Boxer Mix

Jack Russell Boxer Mix
The Jack Russel Boxer mix has strong prey instincts. Proper socialization of this hybrid ensures that they can get along with other animals and people. However, this breed is ideal for any family since they love to cuddle and are social at the same time.

They are mostly independent dogs, though they can’t stand long periods of alone time. All in all, this hybrid is one of the known breeds that go along well with boxer breeds.

Jack Russell Pug Mix (Jug)

This mixed-breed has the hyperactive personality of a Jack Terrier and the squished face of a Pug. Moreover, they have round heads, short muzzles, and curly tails. They love to dig, run around, and play.

Their alertness makes them good for your home security. Due to that, you will be easily alerted when an intruder is around or if there’s any danger.

What’s more, they like being showed affection and attention. Therefore, you want to ensure that you give supervised interactions with your young children from the first day onward. Exercise is important too for this breed to stay healthy.

Jack Russell breeds are great life-long partners. With the right training and exercise, they can become obedient and loyal dogs. Whether you are looking for a calmer or energetic mix, we hope you can find the best choice for a hybrid Jack Russels terrier in this article.

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