Friendliest Dog Breeds

Friendliest Dog Breeds Many People Love

Some dog owners prefer to socialize with their dogs alone. Others prefer going out to different places and allowing their dogs to meet other people.

If you are a dog lover looking for a dog that they can take to cafes and restaurants or go on adventures with, here are some of the dog breeds that interact well with strangers.

Though the preference differs from person to person, the friendliest dog breeds listed here can help you find your ideal four-legged buddy.


Because beagles were initially bred to hunt in packs, this dog breed does not have difficulty interacting with other people or animals. They are great house pets since they are loyal and easy-going.

Even though beagles are fun and friendly dogs, they can also be stubborn. However, they can get away with their mischief with their begging expression. It is too adorable to be mad at.


Poodles have three different sizes. However, regardless of the size, they are all smart and active. Not only are they champions in dog shows, but they are also great additions to families.

Aside from being athletic and loving, they are also friendly to other people. Many find their smile adorable and antics cute all the time.

Bearded Collies

Bearded Collie
These fluffy and cute dogs are nothing but love. Bearded collies are lively and affectionate by nature. Therefore, they quickly get along with other people, especially with older kids and animals.

They can be goofy and funny, but they very rarely become aggressive. Their ever-curious character makes them great companions for adventure-loving people.

Saint Bernards

Saint Bernard
Saint Bernards are known as one of the friendliest large dog breeds because of their kindness. What you see is what you get if you decide to get a Saint Bernard because their friendly facial expressions match their friendly attitude very well.

Moreover, these gentle Swiss Alps dogs love to play, and they enjoy doing outdoor activities with their humans. When around kids, you can expect them to be calm and patient when needed.

Shih Tzus

Shih Tzu
Shih Tzus get the attention of others wherever they are. These small dogs are considered one of the calm dog breeds. They are known as lion dogs because of their long coat, which can remind you of lions.

However, Shih Tzus have a lot to offer other than their cuteness. They are loving, playful, and outgoing, so it is safe to say that they are the complete package for a charming dog. Their charm can be considered an essential survival skill.

Boston Terriers

Boston Terrier
Although Boston Terriers are bred to be fighting dogs initially, these dogs are the opposite of that. They are one of the friendliest small dog breeds because they are sociable, very active, and jolly. They love to play with others, and they also enjoy cuddling.

Strangers can pet them because they enjoy being around people, making them a friendly breed. Moreover, they are enjoyable companions because they are incredibly loyal and easy-going.


Boxers are big dogs, so others may find them intimidating. Nevertheless, it would be best if you did not let their appearance deceive you. They are active, social, fun, and loyal.

Therefore, they do not have problems being around other people. They enjoy getting affection and attention from their humans.


These large and robust dogs have become more and more popular as family pets. Newfoundlands are considered majestic. Although they are massive, they have a soulful and gentle expression.

You do not need to think that their facial expressions are not real since they are patient, loyal, and sweet pets. They even gained a reputation because people can depend on n them to watch over children at home.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Cavalier King Charles Spaniels have always been considered companion dogs. Therefore, they are among the friendly breeds. They like to be loved a lot by their humans and want much attention from them.

They want to cuddle, show sweetness, and please their humans eagerly. Besides friendliness, they are also effortless to train.


These cheerful little dogs from Cuba have been gaining popularity as household buddies. Since they are bold and friendly, it is not surprising that more and more people want them.

Even though they are small, they are very spunky. Their attitude is way bigger than their size. You will love them because they are outgoing, goofy, and smart.


English Bulldog
Many people have misconceptions about bulldogs not being sweet because of their name. Still, this adorable but dumb dog breed is gentle and sweet. They are reliable and loyal to their humans.

They are great in homes with kids because they love their humans very much. Considered as a breed well oriented to people, they seek attention actively from people.

Golden Retrievers

Golden Retriever
Golden retrievers are famous for being family dogs. You are often a photo of a perfect family with a golden retriever in it. Some of the reasons they have this reputation are their loyal, easy-going, and friendly characters.

They enjoy being with their families because they love getting attention. They love all people that they can often become too friendly with strangers.

Soft-Coated Wheaten Terriers

Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier
Dog lovers define Soft-Coated Wheaten Terriers as happy extrovert dogs. They love to make their humans laugh and smile whenever possible. They get along quickly with other people and animals.

Because they developed their social skill, they transitioned from being farm dogs to family dogs. They are intensely loyal and jolly dogs.

Irish Setters

Irish Setter
Irish Setters are very energetic and people-loving dogs. They are described as enthusiastic, fun, charming, and carefree.

They need owners who will provide them with exercises since they are active and attentive. If you think you can commit to their physical needs, you are assured that you will have a loving and friendly dog.

Labrador Retrievers

Labrador Retriever
Labrador retrievers are friendly with virtually everyone. They were initially bred to be companions to anglers and hunters.

They are known to be naturally friendly, reliable, and loyal. They indeed have great personalities, and they love making their humans happy.

Bichon Frise

Bichon Frise
This is one of the dog breeds that have the best demeanor. Do not let their size deceive you because they are curious and alert. Therefore, they are reliable guard dogs.

Their happy-go-lucky demeanor makes any people smile. That is why a lot of people cannot resist petting them. These fluffy dogs are playful, and they are great with strangers and other dogs.


Pugs are extremely friendly to the people around them. They are not scared of strangers. Moreover, they have a hilarious character because they always do something goofy. You can expect them to make you laugh, feel very loved, and get your attention all the time.


The level of cuteness of corgis is hard to resist. They have overflowing happiness and friendliness because these are their personalities. These small dogs are active, energetic, loving, very outgoing, and happy. Like the dogs on this list, they like everybody.


Finally, all dogs are different. You can somehow get an idea of their personality based on the breed. If you are looking for a furry buddy that will feel happy meeting other people and want to make you smile. It would be best if you considered the friendliest dog breeds on this list.

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