Dumbest Dog Breeds

Dumbest Dog Breeds

Dogs are said to be man’s best friend. This is because they provide protection, companionship, and help in hunting small animals. However, several breeds can be considered “dumb” sometimes.

Several things rank a dog as either dumb or intelligent. Some of these are; its ability to be trained, level of energy, ability to remember things, and a sense of direction. All dogs are bred for different skills. However, every dog has a unique set of skills.

Below is a list of dumbest dog breeds.

The Afghan Hound

Afghan Hound
These dogs were originally bred for hunting small game in harsh arid areas. This is because of their sharp eyesight and great speed. As a result, they are likely to break off and run after small animals ignoring their owner’s command. They can be very stubborn and independent.

The Afghan is never interested in anyone’s approval but does whatever he wants. Also, they are very reserved and bear a don’t-care attitude. They cannot even get along with children since loud noise and sudden quick movements tend to frighten them.

They qualify in the dumbest dog breeds list since they are difficult to train. You must look for creative ways to train them successfully.


The Basenji portrays feline features such as grooming itself like a cat. They have stubborn traits and find it difficult to obey their owners. The Basenji has poor concentration and is hard to bond with. This qualifies them for the dumbest dog breed list.

These dogs have been labeled untrainable since they are highly energetic. Training them is like training a wild animal, which may not be easy. It is important to make lessons fun and interesting.


Bulldogs are medium-sized, friendly, and outgoing dogs. The bulldog is not termed “bull-headed” for nothing. They love using their jaws to destroy things and getting into trouble. They are also seen as a lazy dog breed by some.

They are considered as a dumb dog breed since they ignore commands unless they involve lazing around. They need fun and creative training sessions to make them obedient.

If not trained at a young age, they may become aggressive and overly protective of their owners. One main advantage is that they are eager to please. Therefore, the best way to train them is to use treats and praises.

Chow Chow

Chow Chow
They were originally bred to be guard dogs. Chows are loyal, noble, and devoted companions. However, they are very stubborn, lazy, and strong-willed.

They are also very serious, independent and aloof. This makes it hard to train. This earns them the label of dumbest dog breed.

Chows might challenge human authority if not trained correctly. The owner should, therefore, be very assertive. They require a calm and kind approach when being trained. The earlier the training, the better.


The Borzoi is also known as the Russian Wolfhound. They are cool, calm, and loving with their owners. This dog breed gets into the dumb dogs’ list because they are very stubborn and independent. They do not easily follow commands.

Moreover, they seem to have a short attention span as they do best with frequent short training sessions. During hour-long classes, they tend to exercise their independence.

When outside where there are other animals, they should be kept on a leash because they run after small animals. Borzois needs a calm trainer for proper socialization. This should be done as early as when they are still puppies.


With their high energy levels, the skills of the Bloodhound lie in hunting and attacking prey. They easily get distracted by all scents and may race off to investigate the source. Alertness and a focused mind are the marks of the Bloodhound.

What brings them to the dumb dogs’ list is their great sense of independence and a stubborn streak. They find it difficult to obey orders. This is more so when they are on a hot trail.

Due to their willful nature, training them could be a real challenge. There should be early, consistent and assertive training as a way of mastering their dominant nature.

The techniques used in the sessions should involve patience, praises, and treats. In addition, they should align with Bloodhound’s strong sense of smell!


This breed was once close companions of Chinese emperors and members of the royal court. Due to this fact, they seem quite self-centered! Lazing around and surveying their domain is their favorite pastime. They make great watch dogs due to their vigilant nature.

A don’t-care attitude and a stubborn trait earns them a ticket to the dumbest dog breed list. Training the Pekingese can be difficult because it does not like obeying commands. They will, however, respond positively if you give them a reward.


Like bloodhounds, beagles like to follow strong scents. Only another stronger scent can pull them off their trail. This can land them into trouble.

Their loving nature, coupled with a don’t-care attitude, qualifies them for the dumbest dog breed list. It is wise to put them on a leash during walks because they easily get distracted by smells and small animals.

It is hard to keep them in your home and backyard since they always want to follow different scents. You should use its powerful sending abilities during training sessions. It will ensure you get a well-balanced dog.


Neapolitan Mastiff
Due to their large size, Mastiff was usually used as guard and rescue dogs. This dog breed is considered to be a little thick due to its laid back character. Due to their overly protective nature towards their owners, mastiffs can be aggressive towards strangers and other dogs.

They might be more challenging and stubborn to train. It requires consistency, positive reinforcement, and patience to obey training commands. The best time to start training is when they are puppies.

Basset hound

Basset Hound
This medium-sized breed shows some traits of laziness. Their movements are sluggish. They also have trouble ignoring scents. This leads to poor concentration and makes it difficult to train. They don’t follow commands easily, which makes them viable for the dumbest dog breeds.

In addition, they are quite manipulative in nature and tend to use the pleading gaze to get whatever they want. Since they love food, you can easily train them using this as they do respond well to rewards. Training should start at an early age and be consistent with a well-behaved dog.


Dogs are not really dumb. The only problem is their independence and stubborn nature. However, you just have to find out what your dog is good at. The right training and tricks will ensure your dog has good manners and behavior.

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