Dogs Bad Breath and How to Fix It

Dogs Bad Breath and How to Fix It

Having problems with your little pooch’s bad breath? Ever wondered how to fix bad breath in dogs? Well, the solution is pretty simple. All you need is a toothbrush and good toothpaste for your dog.

Just like us humans, dogs also suffer from bad breath because of poor dental hygiene. What better way to solve that problem but with an easy solution – brushing your dog’s teeth! If you don’t regularly brush your dog’s teeth, plaque will eventually build up which causes bad breath.

The plaque that has built up over time in your dog’s teeth may eventually cause periodontal disease that could affect your dog’s gums. Periodontal disease is also one of the known major causes of bad breath in dogs.

How to Fix my Dogs Bad Breath

As mentioned earlier, the simplest and easiest solution to fix your dog’s bad breath is by simply brushing its teeth. With good quality toothpaste for your dog’s teeth, your problem may go away instantly.

dogs teeth brushing

Since dogs aren’t used to their mouth being brushed, it may be a little difficult at first. You will need a lot of patience if ever you want to solve your dog’s bad breath problem. Don’t worry though, over time your dog will simply get used to thier teeth being brushed.

Remember, when you brush your dog’s teeth, be sure to use toothpaste that has been specifically made for dogs. Toothpaste that has been made for humans might be toxic for them. It may also end up causing unnecessary problems in the long-run.

Other Ways to Fix Dogs Bad Breath

There are several different ways for you to fix your dog’s bad breath besides brushing their teeth regularly. These methods might prove a little easier if your dog is a little bit on the aggressive side. It’s also helpful if you want to lessen brushing their teeth.

Chew Toys

Chews toys are more than just toys for your dog, they can help clean their teeth. When a dog chews on their toy, plaque and tartar won’t have the chance to build up on their teeth. It helps avoid the main cause of bad breath. 

Be sure to pick a chew toy that is suitable for your dog’s age and size, otherwise, you might put your dog’s health at risk. Also, check what type of material was used for the chew toys.

Dental Treats

Now, this is something that your dog will enjoy. Dental treats have been specially made to help with preventing plaque and tartar buildup in your dog’s teeth. Whatever the breed of your dog, they will surely enjoy this kind of method for oral hygiene.


Chew toys and dental treats may cost a little bit of money. If you are trying to save up a little, you can give some carrots to your dog instead. The carrot will function as a chew toy and treat for your dog. Not only is this a cheap alternative, it’s also a healthy one since it is all-natural.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is known to contain antibacterial and antifungal properties that might prove useful for your dog’s bad breath problem. Some bacteria in your dog’s mouth can cause periodontal disease that may also cause your dog’s bad breath. By reducing the number of bad bacteria in your dog’s mouth, you are also reducing the chance of your dog getting periodontal and kidney disease.

Just a spoonful of coconut oil to your dog’s food will have a great improvement on their bad breath. You can also use the coconut oil itself as a natural toothpaste for your dog.


Just like coconut oil, lemon also has antibacterial properties that are important in keeping your dog’s mouth healthy. A few lemon drops on your dog’s water may prove very useful. Lemons won’t just solve your dog’s bad breath problem but will also give a fresher breath.


There are times that the cause of your dog’s bad breath problem is not in the mouth but rather in the gut, just like in some cases for us humans.

Mint has been considered as one of the best herbs that can cure indigestion and as well as inflammation in the stomach. So, not only will this help in giving your dog a minty-fresh breath, will also help with their gut health.

To get your dog to eat mint, you just have to sprinkle a little on their food.

There are many ways on how to fix dog’s bad breath but the simplest and most effective way possible is through brushing their teeth.

Toothpaste that has been manufactured specifically for dogs may be a little costly compared to our regular toothpaste have all the necessary properties that will protect your dog’s teeth from any future problems. They are also made with flavors your dog will love.

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