Popular Catahoula Mixes You’ll Love

Popular Catahoula Mixes

The Catahoula is a dog breed that arose in the 16th century nearby Catahoula Lake in Louisiana. The origins of the breed are unknown. Nonetheless, the breed is descended from Native American dogs that crossed with Spanish settlers’ dogs in the US. Beauceron, Bloodhounds, Mastiffs, and Greyhounds can all be included in the Catahoula’s lineage. … Read more

The Most Popular Basenji Mixes

Basenji Mixes

Basenji is a natural breed of hunting dogs that has been around for thousands of years. First discovered in Congo, this primitive dog is known for its unusual skill of vertical jumping. It took a while before breeders’ finally categorized basenji as sight-hound because of its peculiarities. Since they were initially bred to hunt and … Read more

Shih Tzu Mixes

Shih Tzu Mixes

The Shih Tzu is one of the most loved breeds. Shih Tzu means ‘little lion’, but contrary to its name, this little fellow is so adorable and very easy to like even if you are not a dog lover. This breed’s irresistible charm will capture your heart. Shih Tzu’s and Shih Tzu mixed breeds are … Read more

Top Rottweiler Mixes You Should Know About

Rottweiler Mixes

Dogs are considered to be the “man’s best friend.” They are adorable and willing to protect their owners, making them great companions and protectors. However, dogs are different in so many ways: shape, size, and color. Each breed has its own set of characteristics that makes them distinct from others. In this article, you will … Read more