Dog Bathing: How Many Times Should It Be Done

Dog Bathing: How Many Times Should It Be Done?

Bathing dogs is essential for their hygiene and health. However, not many pet owners have a clear idea of how many times they should bathe their dogs in a week. But, worry not because, in this article, we will be thoroughly explaining how often can you wash your dog and provide bathing tips as a bonus as well.

How Frequent Should You Bath Your Dogs?

Dogs are not like humans, who require baths every day or every other day. In fact, some dogs only need one bath in a month, but, in the first few months of their lives, it is best to consult a vet for this. Also, when bathing your dogs, it is essential to use dog shampoo, which is made gently for their hair and skin.

Each dog is different from each other in terms of coat and lifestyle. This is why they have different bathing frequencies and requirements. Here are how many you should bath your dog depending on their fur and lifestyle.



Breeds such as the Xoloitzcuintli and Chinese Crested, who belong in the hairless family, require more frequent baths than other kinds. It is suggested that they are bathed once a week. Aside from that, these types of breeds can require intensive care, which makes them a costly pet to have.


The best example of long-coated dogs is Maltese and Collie. Obviously, because of their long hair, they will require more frequent baths as well. It is suggested that they have bathes every 4 to 5 weeks to avoid hair tangles. Also, it is best to use dog hair shampoo and conditioner to keep them healthy and silky.


Long-haired dogs tend to have a doggy odor as time goes by without bathing. The perfect example of this dog breeds is Bergamasco and Border Collie. They will need at least one bath in a month to maintain their hair quality and eradicate unwanted odor.

However, breeds such as charming Puli requires lesser bathing than other dog breeds. This is because their hair does not produce a dog-like smell, and they are usually indoor and calm dogs.

Double Coats

Double coats such as Siberian Huskies and Golden Retrievers should not be bathed frequently, as this can result in the damage of their skins. Although their coats may look dirty of uncomfortable, it helps them naturally insulate depending on the weather. Also, they can clean themselves.


Another consideration that you should take in deciding how often you should wash your dog is their lifestyle. Here are how many times you should bathe your dogs depending on their lifestyle.


If you short-haired dog has an active lifestyle, you should still stick on bathing them every 4-6 weeks, given that they are not muddy looking. After every activity, you can simply wipe their coats and feet to help them clean so that they would not need frequent baths.

However, it is a different story for long-haired dogs who enjoys trekking and playing outdoors. Their hair may result in knots and tangles, which is why if you notice that they start looking scruffy and combing their hair is not enough, it is okay to bathe them even before the four weeks is up.


For dogs who are mostly indoors like Chihuahuas and Shi Tzus, bathing them once every 4-6 weeks is okay. Their activities are minimal, so it is less likely to affect their hair, and their coats do not usually result in a doggy smell.


Dogs such as Border Collies and Retrievers would often require frequent baths. This is because of their activities where they are prone to mud and dust. Once they start looking dirty and muddy, please give them a good rinse and bath to help them keep clean.

How Should You Bath Your Dogs?

Each owner has different ways of bathing their dogs, but puppies and full-grown dogs have different requirements. Puppies are more delicate and require less frequent bathing; meanwhile, the frequency of bathing for adult dogs depends on their coat and lifestyle, as stated above. But, here is a general idea of how you should bath your puppies and adult dogs:

1. Brush your dog’s hair.

Your dogs may have developed knots and tangles before you bathe them. These knots and tangles can be difficult and painful to remove once their hair is already wet, so it is best to do this before bathing.

2. Prepare lukewarm water.

If you notice, most dogs tend to be fussy when it comes to bathes. This could be because the water temperature is too cold or too hot, so to avoid that, make sure that the water is entirely lukewarm.

3. Calm your dog.

Before bathing your dog, it is best to calm them down. This will help you a lot to avoid unwanted water splatters everywhere.

4. Use a puppy or dog shampoo.

Some dogs have sensitive hair, especially those that have natural oils. It is essential to keep them intact, so use a dog shampoo. Moreover, puppies are more vulnerable to chemicals, so use shampoos specially formulated for puppies.

5. Rinse thoroughly.

After shampooing, make sure that you thoroughly rinse out the solution from their hair with water. This will help avoid the development of irritation and dandruff.

6. Dry completely.

Lastly, make sure that they are completely dry after to avoid getting dirty and making sure that their cleanliness lasts until their next bath.

If you feel like bathing them on your own is too much work, you can always send your dogs to trusted professional groomers. However, it can be costly and a little more stressful for your dogs, especially when they do not do well with strangers holding them.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you now have a clear idea of how often you should wash your dogs. Remember, each dog is different, and as long as you do whatever is best for them, then you are already a good dog parent.

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