Popular Catahoula Mixes

Popular Catahoula Mixes You’ll Love

The Catahoula is a dog breed that arose in the 16th century nearby Catahoula Lake in Louisiana.

The origins of the breed are unknown. Nonetheless, the breed is descended from Native American dogs that crossed with Spanish settlers’ dogs in the US.

Beauceron, Bloodhounds, Mastiffs, and Greyhounds can all be included in the Catahoula’s lineage.

They are devoted to their owners. They thrive in a household with a large backyard.

They are beautiful dogs with a good work ethic. They are a strong breed trained to operate in woods and swamps. This type of dog needs a good owner with plenty of time to make them busy.

1. Labahoula

The Labrador Retriever has long been the most famous breed of dog in the world. In contrast to purebred Catahoulas, Labahoulas can be as gentle and loving, and welcoming as Labradors.

The Catahoula lab mix is intelligent, hardworking, and vivacious. This mixed breed can shed heavily if it follows after the Labrador parent, or it can shed gently if it follows after the Catahoula parent. Their fur is usually short and thick, and it has water-repellent properties.

They can grow between 21-26 inches long and weighs 55-95 pounds.

2. Catahoula Pit Bull Terrier Mix

Catahoula Pit Bull Terrier Mix
The Catahoula pitbull mix , also known as Pitahoula, has a small coat of every color and sheds very little.
Due to the fact that Pit Bulls are smaller than Catahoulas, the height and weight of a mixed breed can vary depending on parental control and the dog’s gender.

The mixed-breed can reach 18- 23 inches in height and weigh 35 -85 pounds. Pitahoulas are healthy dogs who live for 8 to 16 years.

3. Catahoula German Shepherd Mix

Catahoula German Shepherd Mix
The Catahoula german shepherd mix is a well-known Catahoula mix that is intelligent and capable of a wide range of tasks. Catahoula-GSD hybrids are highly successful as herding, patrol, and support dogs.

Since both parent breeds are identical in size, their offspring will be 20-26 inches tall and weigh 50-90 pounds.

This combination is strong, imposing, and agile in either case, with a lifetime of 7 -14 years. If the Catahoula parent is inherited, the mix’s coat can be thin and short.

4. Catahoula Boxer Mix

Catahoula Boxer Mix
A hybrid between a Catahoula and a Boxer is a powerful, large dog with good defensive instincts.
Owners of Catahoulas are aware that if their dogs are not properly trained, they can become aggressive against visitors or other pets.

As a result, the Catahoula Boxer mix needs early socialization and education.
Catahoula boxer mixes range in height from 20 to 25 inches and weight from 40 to 80 pounds. This mixed breed’s coat is short and needs little grooming.

5. Catahoula Husky Mix

Catahoula Husky Mix
Since both parent breeds are of similar height, the Catahoula husky mix should stand between 21 and 24 inches tall. The Catahoula, on the other hand, is much larger.

The Catahoula dogs can reach 90 pounds, while Husky dogs rarely exceed 60 pounds. The Catahoula and husky hybrid is certainly upfront with every other breed when it comes to being stable and hardworking. They have a high degree of intelligence and a good sense of self-reliance. The Husky and Catahoula mix’s coat may be shorter or moderate in length, but it will almost certainly be thicker.

6. Catahoula Beagle Mix

Catahoula Beagle Mix
Like other Catahoula hybrids, the Catahoula beagle mix is a good work pet with a lot of energy.

A Beagle-Catahoula hybrid would most likely weigh around 30-50 pounds since Beagles can weigh around 30 pounds. Although both parent breeds possess certain characteristics, they are drastically different in terms of their friendliness toward visitors and other pets.

7. Catahoula Australian Shepherd Mix (Catahoula Aussie Mix)

Catahoula Australian Shepherd Mix
Since the parent breeds have entirely different coat styles, it’s difficult to predict how the Australian Shepherd and Catahoula mix would look.

Catahoulas have a soft, single-layer coat that sheds lightly, while Australian shepherds have long, water-repelling fur.
The Catahoula Aussie mix’s size and weight can also vary. Males and females can weigh 40-55 pounds and 40-90 pounds. The height of both males and females can exceed 18-24 inches at the shoulder. Since the Catahoula Aussie mix is trustworthy but not especially friendly, sufficient social interaction is needed to prevent hostility against visitors and other pets.

8. Bloodahouli – Catahoula Bloodhound Mix

Catahoula Bloodhound Mix
The Catahoula bloodhound mix, also known as the Bloodahouli, is a smart dog with a keen sense of smell.
This combination is energetic and affectionate with family members but reserved around strangers. If you offer them a career, they would be grateful for the opportunity.

When it comes to upkeep, the two breeds are very different. Bloodhounds shed often, while the Catahoula sheds infrequently. Brushing their coat 2-3 times a week is a safe idea in this case.

9. Border Collie and Catahoula Mix

Border Collie and Catahoula Mix
A cross between the Border Collie and the Catahoula dog breeds produces the Catahoula border collie mix. The Border Collie is one of the friendliest dogs you’ll ever meet, and the Catahoula is a friendly hunting dog as well.

The Catahoula border collie cross will make a wonderful companion. They’ll be an excellent companion to have by your side. Since they’re so soft, loyal, and gentle, this is the kind of dog you’ll want to see when you arriving at your house.

10. Catahoula Rottweiler Mix

Catahoula Rottweiler Mix
The hybrid between the Rottweiler and the Catahoula would make an excellent hunting dog. The two breeds have a strong hunting instinct and fierce when protecting their offspring.

To avoid accidents with visitors as well as other pets, sufficient social interaction is required. This mix is an active dog that requires a lot of activity to be happy. This type of dog will be huge, weighing 70-120 pounds and standing 22-26 inches tall.

Many Catahoula hybrids have lots of energy. They need daily, vigorous exercise as well as, if possible, stimulating work. That’s why you need to make sure you’re the best fit for a Catahoula mix before you decide to raise one.

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