Can Dogs Eat Tomatoes?

Dogs are known to be energetic by nature; therefore, they need to be fed with proper food in order to keep their health at an optimal level. Dogs eat anything they find edible without knowing how it positively or negatively affects their overall health. Hence, as a pet owner, it’s your responsibility to feed your dogs with the right set of food.

‘Can dogs eat tomatoes?’ This is one of the questions asked by various pet owners. This question, among others, also pops up in articles about “can dogs eat avocado?” or articles about “can dogs eat watermelon?.”

While some vegetables aren’t recommended by veterinarians, tomatoes, on the other hand, can be given to dogs in small amounts. Too much of it can be toxic to dogs, though, due to the presence of solanine.

Tomatoes for dogs

Tomatoes are generally fine for dogs when taken in small amounts. Too much of it can impose a risk for dogs, especially when they’ve consumed the green parts of the said vegetable since it’s where solanine is highly concentrated. To refrain your dog from undergoing health stress, it’s best to feed your furry friend with ripe (red) ones.

Frequently asked questions

Can dogs eat cherry tomatoes?

It’s better to keep your dogs away from this kind of tomato since it contains tomatine and solanine. This causes indigestion since your dog’s digestive system isn’t conditioned to digest this particular substance.

Although there are no studies showing the toxic effect of cherry tomato, it’s best to practice precaution.

Can dogs eat grape tomatoes?

This smaller type of tomato has the same sweetness as cherry tomatoes. It’s believed that grape tomatoes are of Southeast Asian origin, and just like the usual, they also come in red and green color.

For dogs, consuming ripe grape tomatoes is safe whilst the green grape tomatoes should be kept at bay.

Can dogs eat tomato sauce?

Generally, ripe (red) tomatoes are safe for dogs. However, feeding dogs with tomato sauce is highly discouraged due to other ingredients present like garlic and onions, which is toxic to dogs.

Can dogs eat cooked tomatoes?

Cooking vegetables lessen its nutritional value, which makes the process of feeding your dog almost pointless. However, as long as it’s ripe and unstemmed, giving your dog cooked tomatoes doesn’t impose any risk at all.

Can dogs eat green tomatoes?

As mentioned, green tomatoes contain a subtle amount of solanine, a substance that’s toxic to dogs when taken in large quantities. Hence, green tomatoes are a big no-no for your furry friend.

What is solanine?

Plants belonging in the nightshade family, under genus Solanum have this poisonous component called ‘solanine’. Belonging to this family are tomatoes, eggplants, and potatoes. Having solanine serves as a defense for the plants.

Solanine is present in the plant’s leaves and stems. When taken in large quantities, it can be toxic to dogs.

Tomatine poisoning

Dogs aren’t gifted in segregating the parts of the meal they should and shouldn’t consume as long as it’s pleasant to their nose. Given that dogs eat almost everything handed to them, it’s no question that they’ll consume the green part.

You can immediately take action once the following signs and symptoms start to show due to the poison:

  • Gastrointestinal disorder
  • Cardio-related effects
  • Muscle weakness
  • Tremors
  • Seizures

If your dogs manifest these symptoms, contact your vet immediately as it might be associated with other serious illnesses mixed with tomatine consumption.

Although these symptoms may sound severe, it only occurs on rare occasions. With proper care and medication suggested by the vet, your dog will surely get back to good health in no time.


Dogs need to be fed with the right food in order to keep them in good shape. While there are vegetables that contribute to the health of people, not everything is suitable for dogs. Ripe tomatoes are okay for dogs while unripe (green) ones shouldn’t be part of their diet due to possible health risks.

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