Can Dogs Eat Peaches

Can Dogs Eat Peaches?

Fresh, cold peaches are one of the best things to eat on a hot summer day. Why not let your dog taste this delicious fruit that will keep them healthy also? Read below the benefits of feeding peaches to your dog and what to avoid.

Can dogs eat peaches? Yes!

Fresh peaches are great for your dog since it’s loaded with vitamins A, E and C, potassium, magnesium, and dietary fiber. It also contains some proteins that will aid in repairing tissues and wounds. It boosts your dog’s immunity and fights off infections.

It also detoxifies your dog’s body, which improves liver functions. If you’re training your dog, peaches are great as low-calorie treats. Just give them a few frozen slices to make it enjoyable for both of you.

You don’t need to give them too much since fruits are not part of a dog’s recommended diet, which might upset their stomach and cause mild diarrhea. As carnivores, dogs don’t need fruit since their digestive system differs from ours. Be on alert for allergic reactions such as coughing, hives, and difficulty in breathing. If such happens, immediately go to your veterinarian.

Can dogs eat peaches without the pit? Yes!

You must remove the peach pit or sometimes called the stone since it’s very dangerous to them. Peach pits or stones have amygdalin, a natural sugar-cyanide chemical compound. If ingested, the bacteria in the host’s body breaks it down to cyanide. It prevents the blood cells from getting oxygen, which in turn becomes fatal for the host.

Another danger of letting them eat a peach with the seed is the choking hazard, causing intestinal blockage. Not to mention the threat it can cause to the intestines and the esophagus.
Remember, never give them a whole peach with the seed and don’t let them eat it on their own.

Can dogs eat fresh peaches? Yes!

If you are growing them, just remember to take out the pit since it has a lethal compound in it. Just give them slices and not the whole fruit because of the high sugar and acidic content.

If you are buying them, better buy organic to prevent them from ingesting pesticides. Like on other vegetables and fruits, insecticides may have been sprayed before harvesting the peaches. Not to mention wax coatings that fruit producers use to gloss and protect the product.

Can dogs eat white peaches? Yes!

White peaches have a paler shade of red and pink versus the yellow peach. It is healthier for your dog since it’s less acidic and tastes sweeter than yellow ones. It is also the preferred variety of some cooks for snacking, while yellow ones are great for baking in pies.

Whatever you choose to feed your dog, remember to feed small portions of the flesh only and NEVER let them have the seed part.

Can dogs eat canned peaches? No!

Canned peaches have high amount of sugar syrups and preservatives, which can be harmful to your dogs’ digestive system. High sugar can lead to diabetes, especially for older dogs. Peach-flavored human foods are also a no-no for your furry babies. Stick with fresh and organic peaches for a healthy treat.

Final Words

Before feeding peaches to your dog, remember the following:

1. Remember to remove the seed because of its toxic effects.
2. Keep in mind to give in moderation to avoid any gastric irritations.
3. Follow these reminders and enjoy sharing this fruit for a peachy snack time with your dog.

Like other fruits, fresh peaches are a great addition to your dog’s treats. It has loads of vitamins and minerals that will keep them healthy inside out. It’s also the perfect frozen treat on a hot day.

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