Can Dogs Eat Avocado

Can Dogs Eat Avocado?

Dogs have quite a sensitive appetite for food. Most of them are not able to tolerate certain foods, especially fruits and nuts. Meanwhile, those who have ingested some can experience an upset stomach and possible changes in their mood, alertness, and even well-being. Therefore, devoted dog owners do their best to avoid feeding their pet dogs the food they are not allowed to eat.

Avocadoes are one of the fruits dog owners have come to believe they should not feed to their dogs. Albeit the nutrition avocadoes have that can help shape your dog’s health, many just seem to believe in this notion that avocadoes can make your dog sick.

However, the fact that avocadoes are one of the ingredients in the usual dog food is another concern dog owners often look upon.

What is with avocadoes that makes dogs get sick?

What really happens when your dog ingested a single bite of avocado? How many avocadoes can your dog eat before he gets sick?

Avocadoes have persin, a chemical that is known to cause digestion problems among dogs when taken in large quantities. Persin is most prevalent in the stalk and skin part of avocadoes, and many dogs do really take the chance to eat this part.

Apart from that, the large seed wrapped by the mushy part of the avocado is one thing dogs love to chew; in most cases, they’re likely to swallow it. If that happens, your dog can suffer from choking or possibly, death.

There is actually no danger in feeding your pet dogs some avocadoes, nor do you have to panic when you found them licking on the mushy flesh of the avocado peeling right off your trash bin.

However, never let them ingest the skin part as it could lead to serious cases of vomiting and diarrhea. Also, make sure you dispose of the avocado seed right away as it can lead to choking when your dog tries to take a bite off it.

Are dogs really not allowed to eat avocadoes?

Technically, dogs can eat avocadoes. Many dog food variants have some pieces of avocadoes added to their treats due to other vitamins that are essential for your pet dog’s growth and development.

There are a lot of recipes online that you can make for your dogs with the use of avocadoes. Many commercial dog food brands also have avocadoes in their list of ingredients, so you shouldn’t worry much about it. Like any type of food or treats, you should never overfeed your dog with anything, else you will only make him suffer from various digestive issues.

The Key Takeaway

So, can dogs eat avocado? The answer is yes. You can prepare some avocado treats that your furry friend will surely enjoy. It makes for a healthier snack too! Just make sure you don’t give him too much.

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