Can Dogs Eat Almonds?

Can Dogs Eat Almonds?

Our four-legged friends go wacky about nuts, don’t they? You are eating a handful of almonds and your dog is going crazy. We have all been there. They activate the puppy-eyes mode and ask for some of those nuts. They go nuts themselves.

Almonds are great for us humans. They are also trending, as are avocados (we told you about those previously) or Açaí. That may get some of you considering if dogs can eat the same stuff as you.

So, can dogs eat almonds or not?

Short answer: they can, but they shouldn’t. Unlike other nuts – we’ll talk about them later in this article – almonds are not toxic or poisonous. That doesn’t mean you should feed your dog almonds, though.

Most almonds sold in supermarkets have seasoning that’s dangerous for your pet. Salt may cause water retention or brain swelling. Pepper might be toxic. Artificial sweeteners are life-threatening. So remember: don’t feed your dog any type of processed almonds.

More than almonds, dogs love the taste of flavored almonds. Chances are you do as well and have them available at your house. Don’t let them hanging there or your dog might go for them.

Ok, right. But can dogs eat raw almonds?

Not being toxic does not mean almonds are healthy. First, dogs might have a hard time digesting almonds. Second, and especially for small and medium-sized breeds, they have difficulties swallowing them. If you feed your dog almonds, make sure you break them into tiny bits.

Also, there is no point in feeding almonds to dogs when it comes to nutritional values. Even though nuts are excellent for humans because of its good fat content, the same doesn’t apply to dogs.

The antioxidants and vitamins found in almonds don’t bring any benefits to your dog. It’s better for them to eat some vegetables such as broccoli or Brussel sprouts.

…and what about other nuts?
Rule of thumb: when in doubt, don’t feed your dog any nuts. While almonds are not toxic, walnuts and hickory nuts are. Macadamia nuts, pistachios and pecans are also harmful to your pet.

Peanuts aren’t toxic, but your dog might be allergic to them, like some humans.

If you’re interested in other nuts, follow this guide from your mates at Wag The Dog and check which nuts are good.

Key takeaways and other tips

  • Your dog shouldn’t eat raw almonds? Sure, but it doesn’t mean you can’t provide him an almond-flavored treat. Check this recipe from our friends at More Than You Can Chew and make a fella happy.
  • Any type of seasoned almond is a no-no. Although dogs are attracted by the flavored almonds, the salt, pepper or artificial sweeteners used are harmful.
  • If you have the habit of feeding your dog anything else but dog’s food, go instead for broccoli, Brussel sprouts or apples.
  • Can dogs eat almonds butter? They can. But very rarely, and in small portions. Just as with raw almonds, they get no nutritional value from it and might have problems digesting it. And only if it’s 100% natural.

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