Boxer Mixes

Boxer Mixes You Might Haven’t Heard Of

Boxer dogs are well-known to be a silly but fun-loving breed. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that they were considered part of the top 10 famous breeds in the US. Due to their charm, many families love them very much.

Aside from having a friendly personality, great popularity, and attractive physical features, they are chosen to be cross-bred with other dogs to create a new and ideal canine breed. This process results in the creation of a designer dog which is an offshoot of 2 different breed parents. Hybrid breeds, likewise known as designer dogs, are not new. In fact, they have been popular with breeders for the past 2 decades.

There are many dog mixes in shelters such as Pitbull Boxer mix dogs. If you like Boxers, you can consider adopting Boxer mixes. Without further ado, here are designer dogs that came from a Boxer and another purebred dog:

1. Boxachi (Boxer and Chihuahua)

A Boxachi, which is a mix of Boxer and Chihuahua, has short legs and a stocky body. This small-to-medium dog is a somewhat new breed of designer dogs. Since there haven’t been a lot of studies conducted about them yet, how they look and act is not exactly known.

Nevertheless, if you want a smart and loving dog who’s friendly to kids and other pets, Boxachi is a good option. This breed will require training and socialization skills since it has a high drive and will mostly feel uncomfortable with strangers. Its large and sturdy body is more of a Boxer while its face is closer to the Chihuahua.

2. Boxane (Boxer and Great Dane)

This Great Dane Boxer mix was bred between the 1990s and 2000s. The combination of these 2 breeds is perfect because they have the best similar attributes. As a result, a Boxane can boost these qualities.

Boxanes are friendly to children, but since they are considered part of the big dog breeds, they could accidentally tip kids over when they get overly excited. Aside from that, Boxanes are also friendly to strangers. Therefore, they aren’t good as guard dogs despite having a big size. They can be easily trained also.

3. Boxweiler (Boxer and Rottweiler)

If you want a protective and loyal fur baby, then the Boxer Rottweiler mix is for you. Nevertheless, Boxweiler dogs aren’t recommended for first-time dog owners since they could be aggressive towards strangers. Therefore, they need to be trained well.

Once trained, they will be sweet, active, and playful companions. These large dogs also need a family who won’t leave them for a long period of time.

4. Boxador (Boxer and Labrador/Labrador Retriever)

The Boxer Lab mix is one of the perfect cross-breeds of dogs. They are popular hybrid dogs because they have a loyal and lovely personality which makes them ideal for families. They are affectionate, gentle, and playful to people of all ages.

These large dogs are extremely active, but the good thing is that they only require low-maintenance grooming. They are ideal to live in a rural or suburban area where there is a large area for them to play around.

5. Boxsky (Boxer and Siberian Husky)

Having a Husky Boxer mix means having a large and hyperactive mutt. However, they tend to have a high prey drive and can be hardheaded. They are not recommended for owners without any experience in handling dogs since these dogs are not allowed to be off the leash when outside. Potential owners should be assured and committed in behavior training these dogs.

Boxsky dogs are best in houses with a large yard since they need a lot of exercise and space to explore. With the right family, they are undoubtedly friendly and caring.

6. Bogle (Boxer and Beagle)

This breed of Beagle Boxer mix is one of the famous beagle mixes. This is expected since Bogle dogs are vibrant and spirited dogs, making they are perfect for any kind of family. Aside from being silly, they are strong because of their powerful built.

Though they are careful with strangers, these dogs are not aggressive towards other people. They are patient, so they are good to be with children. Nevertheless, they need to be supervised with babies and toddlers since they can be too playful.

Their medium size, loving eyes, and cute face will make any person love them.

7. Boxerdoodle (Boxer and Poodle)

Since their parents have a lot of charming traits, the Boxer Poodle mix dogs are expected to inherit some of these traits. Some of these include their parents’ patient, loyal, hardworking, and outgoing personality. Also, they can either have the curly fur of a Poodle or the short fur of a Boxer.

Since they are spirited, these dogs need ample time to exercise. They don’t mind snuggling with people. Nevertheless, they may act differently with strangers, so exposing them to other people and animals may help.

8. German Boxer (Boxer and German Shepherd)

German Boxer
The large German Shepherd boxer mix dogs are energetic, playful, loyal, and protective. Since both Boxer and German Shepherd dogs are naturally suspicious toward other dogs, it is recommended to socialize this breed so that they can overcome this and be friendly toward others.

When they become adapted and sociable, these dogs will be smart, trainable, and loving. German Shepherd mixes are great with families who have enough time to play with them.

9. Bulloxer (Boxer and Bulldog)

You can expect a strong dog from the Bulldog Boxer mix breed. Their physical features are more of a Boxer with muscles of a Bulldog. Therefore, they can be large to medium dogs that are sweet. They may look intimidating, but they are great if you have children and other dogs in your home.

10. Boxmas (Boxer and Mastiff)

The Boxer Mastiff mix dogs will surely capture your hearts. The name sounds like a Christmas gift, and they are exactly like that. With Mastiff dogs being affectionate and devoted and Boxer dogs being muscular and big, Boxmas dogs are extremely loving giants.

A large space and daily exercises are needed by these dogs since they are spirited and alert. They also have a tendency to be attached to one person, so it is best that every member of the household interacts with it.

That wraps up our list of Boxer mixes that you might haven’t heard of before. If you’re considering having yourself one, then we highly recommend getting to know more about their special traits and personalities to make sure the dog you choose can suit your current lifestyle.

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