English Mastiff

Biggest Dog Breeds

Have you always loved big dogs and you are probably wondering what is the biggest dog breed? Well, you’d be surprised to know that there a variety of large dog breeds that have greatly been used for their muscular and strong bodies throughout history.

However, despite their massive appearance, these dog breeds are very gentle and loving, and they’re used today as family pets. Below is an overview of some of the biggest dog breeds in the world.

English Mastiff

The English mastiff is easily one of the biggest dog breeds in the world in regards to body mass. As the heaviest dog breed, an average English mastiff can weigh 130-220 pounds and reach a height of 27-30 inches.

Despite its enormous size, the English mastiff has a sweet and docile nature, making him a common choice for a family pet. Mastiffs are even-tempered and very loyal to their owners.

Great Dane

Great Dane

Great Danes are well-known for being among the tallest dog breeds in the world. They can attain a height of 30-34 inches at the shoulder and have a weight of about 119-198 pounds. Currently, the tallest Dane from this breed is named Zeus who has a height of 122 cm (44 inches).

Though Danes are extremely strong and large, you will be surprised to know that they have a calm and loving nature. For this reason, they make great family pets and companions. However, they require lots of exercise and regular grooming.

French Mastiff

French Mastiff

Likewise known as Dogue de Bordeaux, the French Mastiff is a powerful and muscular dog breed that weighs around 119-145 pounds. Their fearless nature makes them perfect guard and rescue dogs. However, small French Mastiffs require training at an early age on how to socialize and become watchdogs.

This dog breed can be distinguished by their broad and heavy head, small eyes, short hanging ears, and a broad nose. Also, they have a thick skin with wrinkled face and neck. The French Mastiffs are very loyal and protective of their family. They make great companions and get along well with children and other pets.

Caucasian Shepherd

caucasian shepherd

This is one of the biggest dog breeds in Russia and Northern Caucasian regions. This gorgeous breed can reach 30 inches at the shoulders and weigh up to 220 pounds. Traditionally, the dog was used for protecting homesteads and herding livestock. Today, Caucasian Shepherds are commonly used as watchdogs and companions. This is owing to its strong urge to want to protect its family.

Do keep in mind that this breed requires very serious training and socializing in order to get along with every member of the family. Otherwise, due to their immense devotion and loyalty, they may get aggressive while trying to protect you.

Irish Wolfhound

Irish Wolfhound

The Irish wolfhound is one of the biggest hound dog breeds that originate from Ireland. Just like its name suggests, this dog was traditionally used for the purpose of hunting wolves. However, they are used as family pets today.

It can stand over at 28-35 inches in height and weigh about 117-185 pounds. They have strong and long legs which explain their great speed in hunting prey. Though it may sound ferocious, Irish wolfhounds make a great family pet if properly trained and socialized. Despite that, they are extremely intelligent and patient.



Newfoundlands are great dogs that weigh around 100-155 pounds and stand between 27-30 inches tall. They have a thick double coat that makes them look even bigger. In fact, they are among the biggest fluffy dog breed in the world.

Unlike most big breeds, this dog breed was not used as a guard dog. Instead, Newfoundlands were used to assist fishermen to haul nets and undertake rescue operations. This breed is very active in water and is among the best swimming dogs.

Additionally, they are very intelligent and have a gentle nature. They are exceptionally affectionate and gentle with their families and especially kids.

Neapolitan Mastiff

Neapolitan Mastiff

Being very intelligent and independent, the Neapolitan Mastiff is the biggest breed of dog that was used as a guard dog throughout history. The average male Neapolitan Mastiff weighs 130-155 pounds and can reach 26-31 inches in height while the average female can weigh about 110-130 pounds and stand a few inches shorter. They are easy to recognize due to their wrinkled face and body that folds.

The reason why Neapolitan Mastiffs were used as guard dogs is due to their fearless and protective nature. Despite their fearless nature, Neapolitans are very quiet and tend to sneak up on intruders rather than barking.

Also, it’s important to note that they require love and attention as they can be aggressive when left in isolation.



The Leonberger originates from a crossbreed of St. Bernard, Pyrenean Mountain, and Newfoundland. This explains why this breed has an enormous size which makes it ideal for herding rescue and swimming. The Leonberger weighs about 14-150 pounds with the male standing at 29.5 inches while the female having a height of about 27.5 inches.

Regardless of their massive size, the Leonbergers make great family dogs due to their loyal, playful, and kind nature. Apart from being great companions, they are quite robust and can be handy when it comes to tracking work.

One of the things that make this dog really stand out is their furry and water-resistant coat. Unfortunately, their coat shed a lot and require regular grooming. Also, they have a low life expectancy of 7 years.

Tosa Inu

Tosa Inu

The Tosa Inu is among the largest Japanese dog breeds which resulted from crossbreeding Great Danes, St. Bernards, Bull terriers, and Mastiffs. This Japanese fighting dog can weigh up to 200 pounds with a height of 32 inches. Unlike other giant breeds, Tosa Inus have a life expectancy of 10 to 12 years.

Although they are bred for fighting, this dog is extremely affectionate and gentle with kids. Once they are part of the family, they will strive to protect the kids. Nonetheless, they require socializing and energy training.


With proper socialization and training, large dogs can be a great addition to families. Despite their size, these dogs are among the healthiest dog breeds as long as they are provided with proper diet, exercise, and daily walks.

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You have a photograph of a Labrador Retriever for a Newfoundland.
Having owned a couple of Newfies I can affirm this is NOT one. 🙂

Where the biggest dog
The st. Bernard
I have owned
240 pound
Grey male newts and had male saints make him look normal many
European saints are 36 in at shoulder
And 275 plus
That size are slow moving
Giants but still are very
Good doge for family guard dogs the best home any family guardians are great pyrenees males but I in a city setting a big male newfy or leonberger
The male st.bernard
That’s smaller and finer boned is more aggressive having bred all but leonberger.and having top show and conformation dogs in all 3 breeds the newfy is best with small children.Saints.live by there nose and are territorial.great pyrenees,all depend on head type the block square heads act like newfys.the big 30 to 36 inch plus males with a head with no stop are the tear flock guardian dogs and the few special ones that are only male are the most loving and protective dog you can own.but are extremely rare with American bloodlines.
With all breeds check the breeders and the things they say just remember the breed specially show is the one that normally matters not in state breed shows or major dog show the dog that’s a champion means little in some breeds.
Do your research and look at the parents and how the act if your doing this blind.do research. The worst thing is to have a huge dog that’s not a good citizen.
Good luck and god bless. And try always to rescue I have a male 3 year old male saint and he’s still a puppy and was abused and found off freeway in Toledo he almost sweet but still not done with training but it’s a great way to find a great dog from a shelter or from a breed rescue,always see what’s available and you may be blessed with a great dog that just needs love. And that’s what people and big dogs want god bless..Tony

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