Best Dog Whistles

The Best Dog Whistles to Buy in 2022

For most of us who own a dog, we don’t really find the urge to use a dog whistle just to try to get the attention of our dogs. And we wonder, why do we really need one? What is its use? How does it benefit our dogs? And what could be the best dog whistle we could use for our dogs?

In reality, a dog whistle produces a frequency range of about 23 to 54kHz, and our human ears can only hear up to 23kHz. On the other hand, our dogs can amazingly hear a frequency of up to 45 kHz, as stated by the Louisiana State University. Therefore, dogs can hear the sound of a whistle wholly and completely compared to us human beings.

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How Does It Work?

Using a whistle depends on the environment you are training your dog in and the distance you are using your whistle away from your dog. A dog whistle can be very useful in training your dog to stop barking and obey other simple commands. You just have to get the hang of adjusting your whistle and know what frequency your dog is accompanied to get his/her attention.

You can use varying pitches for varying commands. For example, a short whistle can be used to make your dog stop barking while a long whistle can make your dog sit. The moment your dog follows your command, it’s advisable to give him/her a treat. You just have to be consistent with your pitches in connection with your commands so your dog won’t get confused.

Do this repeatedly until your dog is trained enough to follow your commands without having to give him/her treats.

Benefits of Using a Dog Whistle

1. Positively Encourages Your Dog

Instead of punishing your dog for his bad behavior, it is better to train him with dog-whistling to prevent bad behavior from happening in the first place. The sound produced by dog whistles is proven to be interesting to a dog’s ear instead of it being irritating. That’s the reason why using a dog whistle can be very effective in reinforcing commands to your dog.

2. Consistency

In reality, a dog actually learns when a command is given to him/her consistently. Our human voices can differ depending on where we are and what our mood is as of the moment, thus, making our voices change from time to time. Sometimes, our own voices can confuse our dogs due to their inconsistency. Using a good dog whistle can solve this problem and make your dog understand commands better and easier.

3. Use Different Techniques

The fact that you can use different techniques in using a dog whistle increases your chances of training your dog to learn new commands and even more. However, each dog may have different learning skills, so be patient in teaching your dog especially when he doesn’t respond as quickly as you expect. Learning takes time.

4. New Start

If you have trained your dog for a long period of time with a different method yet you haven’t seen any progress, then dog whistle training is your chance for a fresh new start.

How to Choose the Best Dog Whistle

There are different dog whistles available in the market. Every kind of whistle is made of different materials depending on what purpose it is used for. To train your dog effectively, you have to look for the following qualities in a dog whistle:

  • Sound Consistency – Every time you blow your whistle, it should produce the same sound consistency to keep your dog in the track.
  • Adjustable frequency – It should also have an adjustable frequency as different dogs react to different frequencies.
  • Frequency range – A good whistle can be heard by your pet even from afar. For example, a 400-yard range is always better than a whistle with a 200-yard range. So, you are more certain that your dog can hear you even from a far distance.
  • Good quality materials – Purchase whistles made of good quality materials such as pearls, metals, and safe plastic.
  • Easy to carry and easy to clean – Purchase a whistle that is effective but light enough for you to carry around. Also, these items are always in contact with your mouth, so make sure it is easy for you to clean.

6 of the Best Dog Whistles in the Market

Forepets Professional Dog Whistle

Forepets Professional Dog Whistle

Perfect for Basic Dog Training

This product is simply designed to train your dog to cease barking or to call him for whatever reason you want him to come. This is a good tool to discipline your dog in obeying your commands and to teach him/her some basic tricks.

It features a lock nut and cover that can change the whistle’s frequency as well as a free lanyard so you won’t lose your whistle. If you are not patient enough to let your dog undergo a dog training collar, then manage your dog whenever he misbehaves by using this dog whistle.

Why We Like It:
  • Adjustable frequency
  • Effectively stops barking
  • Allows you to teach your dog new tricks
What We Don’t Like:
  • Minor lock issues
  • Loose lanyard

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Acme 210 Orange

Acme 210 Orange

Ideal for Recalling

A product created and designed in the UK, the Acme whistle specifically produces a high tone pitch with a frequency that reaches up to 750 Hz. It’s made of hard pearl that is waterproof, thereby giving it different sound quality. Overall, it is the best dog whistle for recall purposes.

Why We Like It:
  • Effective for recall
  • Enough for a semi-deaf dog to hear
  • Right for its price
What We Don’t Like:
  • The appearance looks like cheap plastic

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Ortz Dog Whistle

Ortz Dog Whistle

The Whistle for All Dog Breeds

With its adjustable frequency, you can easily teach your dog basic commands such as come, sit, stay, etc. This product claims to be effective to almost all common dog breeds such as huskies, dachshunds, German shepherds, bulldogs, poodles, sheep, border collies, Rottweilers, and hunting dogs as well.

It comes with a lanyard strap that keeps you from losing or misplacing your dog whistle. Moreover, the whistle has a protective cover that keeps it from getting dirty.

Why We Like It:
  • Effective for recall
  • Can even silence your neighbor’s dog
What We Don’t Like:
  • Irritating lanyard strap

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Acme Silent Dog Whistle

Acme Silent Dog Whistle

Silent and Highly Effective

This is the best silent dog whistle that claims to be almost inaudible to human ears. Though “silent”, this whistle can reach the hearing of dogs up to 400 yards. It is a product from England that’s made of solid brass and nickel plating.

Why We Like It:
  • Very effective for recall
  • Not irritating to hear
  • Stops dogs from barking
  • Made of good quality materials
What We Don’t Like:
  • Not completely silent

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Acme Whistle Shepherd Mouth Whistle

Acme Whistle Shepherd Mouth Whistle

A Whistle with a Wide Range of Pitches

Another product by Acme which is made of Nickel Silver, this mouth whistle is just the right tool for training your dog. Just insert it in your mouth and control it using your tongue. Apart from that, it also gives a wide range of pitches that’s easy to manage.

Why We Like It:
  • Affordable
  • Great for recall
  • You can play music with it
  • Very effective for dog training once learned
What We Don’t Like:
  • Bends easily
  • Has a metal taste
  • Needs effort to learn the whistling technique

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SportDOG Brand Roy Gonia Special Whistle

SportDOG Brand Roy Gonia Special Whistle

The Ultimate Whistle for Champion Training

One of the highest-rated dog whistles on Amazon, this can be considered the best dog training whistle you could ever have as it is known to train champions in the field. It has an easy-to-blow design that produces a low-pitched sound that reaches far enough for your dog to hear.

Why We Like It:
  • Effective in calling your dog’s attention
  • Very affordable
  • Can possibly reach up to 250 yards
  • Perfect for dog training
What We Don’t Like:
  • Can be irritating for people nearby

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Q: Can dog whistles harm your dogs?

A: It is a fact that dogs have more sensitive ears than humans, but using dog whistles aren’t harmful to dogs as long as they are used in a proper way.

Q: Can dog whistles stop your dog from attacking?

A: If your dog is known to be aggressive, he might need to undergo training before you are able to effectively stop him from attacking others with the use of a dog whistle.

Q: Can dog whistles scare away aggressive dogs?

A: Dog whistles aren’t intended to scare away dogs, but these items are used for the purpose of training them to obey their owner’s command. Instead of using whistles to scare away your neighbor’s dog, it is better to use dog repellents.

Final Thoughts
Dog whistle training can take time for a dog to learn as you are trying to correct his behavior, stopping him from continuing his bad behavior, and trying to teach him new techniques.

Selecting the right dog whistle for your dog is very essential, and using these items properly in training your dog is very important as well. Remember, each dog has different learning abilities. One dog might be quicker in learning new commands than that of other dogs. Therefore, you as a dog owner should be patient enough to train your dog to get the results you want.

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