Basenji Mixes

The Most Popular Basenji Mixes

Basenji is a natural breed of hunting dogs that has been around for thousands of years. First discovered in Congo, this primitive dog is known for its unusual skill of vertical jumping. It took a while before breeders’ finally categorized basenji as sight-hound because of its peculiarities.

Since they were initially bred to hunt and track, the Basenjis can be quite independent and aloof, especially to strangers. Also, they are very difficult to train compared to other dogs.

Interestingly, this dog doesn’t bark but yodels instead. According to the owners, one particular good quality of this breed is it doesn’t have the “dog odor”. Basenjis are considered “catlike” in their mannerisms and self-grooming habit. They are stubborn, inquisitive, and great at figuring out things. 
Basenjis are becoming more popular among dog-owners and still maintain their comparisons with other breeds. These adventurous canines finally are getting the attention they deserve. 

Their popularity has also led to an increase in the number of Basenji mixes that are being bred around the world. This article has compiled some popular mixes with their basic temperament.

11 Most Popular Basenji Mixes


1. Basenji Chihuahua mix (Chisenji)

Basenji Chihuahua mix
Do not mistake the cuteness of this breed for being submissive. Mixing chihuahua and basenji produces a cunning and fearless Basenji Chihuahua mix. Although fierce, “Chisenji” can become really attached to their humans but not too friendly with strangers because of their primitive nature which is being aloof.
This mix breed can weigh as much as 22 to 24 lbs. and stands approximately up to 17 inches in height. “Chisenji” can live from 13 up to 16 years. The emotional investment in this breed is worthwhile as they can even reach up to 18 years old when taken care of properly. You should also note that this breed can have ongoing health issues because of the Chihuahua’s face shape.

2. Basenji Lab mix (Labrasenji)

Basenji Lab mix
This is a cross between the Labrador Retriever and Basenji. It inherits most of the good qualities of the former to make it very friendly and loving. The Basenji lab mix can be an ideal companion or a family pet with the proper training. However, if you have toddlers, you need to keep a watchful eye at all times since this breed plays very rough.
Labrasenji has a life expectancy of 10 to 14 years and can weigh as light as 22 lbs and as heavy as 80 lbs like its parent labrador.

3. Basenji Pitbull Mix (Pitsenji)

Basenji Pitbull Mix
The Basenji Pitbill mix is considered as a designer breed that is achieved by crossing a pitbull and the basenji. Like the Chisenji, this hybrid is shy and aloof to strangers but most loving to its owner. While it is a good family pet, it may not get along with cats and other non-canine pets.

Pitbull Basenji mix is very loyal and affectionate and will always try to get your attention and they like to be cuddled. They stand at 15-17 inches and can weigh as much as 29 to 40 lbs. Furthermore, pitsenjis have a life span of 10-14 years.

4. Basenji German Shepherd Mix (Shepenji)

Basenji German Shepherd Mix
This is a very independent hybrid. This breed is highly aloof with strangers, which is innate for both its parents. Among the basenji mixes, Basenji German Shepherd mix could be the best watchdog with early training. This somewhat stubborn dog can actually be affectionate and loyal.
The Basenji shepherd mix has a life span of 7 to 14 years and can weigh as low as 22 lbs to as heavy as 90 lbs.

5. Basenji Border Collie mix

Basenji Border Collie mix
Breeding the Border Collie mix with the Basenji produces a very intelligent and highly active hybrid. The Basenji Border Collie mix learns very fast like a border collie would; has a strong herding instinct, and needs lots of mental stimulation. This basenji mix can be a handful but will get along well with a very active owner.
Life expectancy is 12 to 15 years and it weighs 22 to 55 lbs.

6. Shiba Inu Basenji mix (Shibasenji)

Shiba Inu Basenji mix
A cross between two headstrong breeds, Shiba Inu and a Basenji, the Shibasenji is not for a novice dog handler. This basenji mix is very agile, strong, independent, and stubborn. 
The handler must be patient, firm, and assertive. The Shiba Inu Basenji mix are reliable watchdogs because of their territorial and protective instincts. They stand at 16 inches and weigh 17-23 lbs with a life expectancy of 11-13 years. 

7. Welsh Terrier Basenji mix

Welsh Terrier Basenji mix
A mix of the welsh terrier and basenji produces a very intelligent dog that is inquisitive in nature. This is another headstrong dog that will always want to be the alpha. Because of this, the owner must be firm and assertive with a lot of patience.

Like most dogs, the Basenji Terrier mix responds to positive reinforcement rather than rough training. It has a life span of 12 to 16 years, stands at 14-17 inches, and weighs up to 20-24 lbs.

8. Dachshund Basenji mix (Dachsenji)

Dachshund Basenji mix
Dachsenji is a mixed-breed between Dachshund and Basenji. Like most Basenji mixes, the Basenji Dachshund mix are very independent and smart. Nonetheless, it has a very sweet personality and can easily pass as a companion dog. 

9. Basenji Husky mix

Basenji Husky mix
Not much is known about this hybrid. However, most owners find the Basenji Husky mix very intelligent and independent, which is common among the Basenji mixes. Though it has a mind of its own it can be loyal and likes cuddling. 

10. Basenji Corgi Mix

Basenji Corgi Mix
Corsenji is a cross between a Basenji and Pembroke Welsh Corgi or Cardigan Welsh Corgi. These dogs are among the cleanest as they constantly groom themselves with their paws. They are also known to be graceful and friendly.

If you are looking for exercise companions, the Basenji Corgi mix is an ideal option. These dogs need a lot of running to exhaust their almost unlimited energy. They usually stand at 13 inches and weigh 22 to 24 lbs. When it comes to their lifespan, these dogs can give you company from 12 to 15 years. 

11. Great Dane Basenji mix

Great Dane Basenji mix
Great Dasenji is a mix breed that comes from the Great Dane and Basenjis. They’re almost opposites in personalities and combining the two produces a great designer dog hybrid.

This Basenji mix is very energetic and active. It is also very loyal and affectionate to its owner. However, it can be very reserved and suspicious at times to strangers.
Dasenjis can weigh as much as 60 to 85 lbs and stand at 22 to 24 inches.

How to Care for a Basenji Mix?

The basenji mixes need minimal grooming as they are good at grooming themselves. However, you should note that they require constant physical and mental stimulation; a bored Basenji is an unruly basenji.  They can adapt indoors as long as you provide them with challenging games to avoid boredom.

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