Can Cats Eat Eggs

Can Cats Eat Eggs?

We all know that cats are obligate carnivores, which means that their body is perfectly designed to eat meat and they do not digest plant material well. With other animal products aside from meat, they may also not have the correct digestive system to deal with those products. A great example is cows milk, which contains lactose, a big no-no for cats.

Of course, there are always exceptions to the rule when it comes to safe non-meat snacking for cats.

Have you ever wondered – can cats eat eggs?

Eggs are full of great nutrients so, surely they make for great snacks for kitties right? Let’s take a closer look:

The Raw Egg Myth

One of the worst myths out there when it comes to cats eating eggs, is that raw eggs can settle a cat’s tummy. This is an old wives’ tale and it is not good guidance for kitty care. Raw eggs can harbor salmonella which will make your cat very poorly. Raw eggs also have a protein inside called avidin that binds B7, so over time this kind of consumption could cause a vitamin deficiency. For these reasons, you should never feed raw eggs to a cat.

So, Can Cats Eat Cooked Eggs?

So, can cats eat raw eggs? No. However, cats are able to eat cooked eggs safely. Eggs have lots of protein and amino acids in them which means they are good for cats. This is especially true after a cat has had general anesthetic when they may need something nutritious but plain. Plain chicken and plain cooked eggs can be a great option for cats out of surgery or sedation.

When it comes to the preparation of the eggs you have to ensure all of the shell is fully removed to avoid any lacerations or choking issues. When it comes to how you cook them, you have free reign really as to how you prepare them.

Can cats eat scrambled eggs? Yes they can but made without any milk or oil. Can cats eat boiled eggs? Yes but the eggs should be fully cooked. Can cats eat hard boiled eggs? Yes, but no to the dippy soldier kind. The eggs should not be hot though, in case they burn your cat’s mouth, so whether they are boiled, scrambled or otherwise, leave them to cool.

Now that you know all this eggcellent news about cats eating eggs, you can feed them scrambled eggs every day right? Not quite…

Are Eggs A Good Meal For Cats?

No, eggs should not be given as meals to cats. They are high in protein and make sense as a little snack for kitty when cooked. Think no more than 10% of your cat’s daily calories and you’re in the right ballpark. Their high calorie content means they could easily make your cat overweight if given too often. In addition, they are a single food and do not contain all the nutrients your cat needs. For this reason, they should have appropriate snacks alongside a main diet of good quality cat food.

What If My Cat Doesn’t Want Egg?

Your cat may well not want an egg as a snack anyway, but it’s fun to try. Healthy snacks given in the right portion size can be a great way to vary your cat’s diet, giving them extra interest and stimulation day to day.

Cat I Give My Kitten Eggs?

You could, but it would be a very small amount considering that most kittens only need a limited amount of calories per day (this amount varies depending on the breed). Instead, try to follow the guidance of your vet and give your kitten a tested and trusted kitten food and appropriate kitten treats designed for their age group.

Don’t Go To The Eggstreme & Keep Your Cats Egg Consumption Lean…

Now you know that your cat is able to eat eggs safely, do make sure that they only have a small amount of cooked, cooled egg every now and again as a treat. Their main diet should always be a trusted cat pet food that gives them full nutrition.

Whether they like them or not, your kitty will definitely be delighted to have some eggstra, interesting snacks to try though!

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