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The Best Cat Toys to Make Your Cat Happy in 2021

There are few greater pleasures in the life of a cat owner, than buying your precious little fluff ball a new toy. You browse the best cat toys, then you spot it at the shop and you know it’s the one. You imagine your kitty playfully bopping it, dipping down and wiggling their cute little tushy then pouncing and catching it. Bunny kicking it into oblivion as you look on, smiling and feeling totally accomplished as a cat parent.

The reality though is often, gut-wrenchingly different.

You take the toy home, and… nothing. Absolutely nothing. Your cat gives it a dismayed sniff, then goes and sits on the carrier bag it came in, staring back at you like ‘what were you even thinking?’. You’re left with nothing more than a useless cat toy, a sting to the wallet and a woeful feeling of inadequacy as a cat parent.

If you can relate to that scenario, you are not alone. Many cat parents just like you are facing the crushing reality of offering endless toys to their cat who in turn, rejects each and every one.

Wouldn’t you love to offer your cat the cream of the crop when it comes to cat toys? Wouldn’t it be nice to at least stand a fighting chance of having them satisfied or even – dare we dream – excited by the toy?

Don’t worry, the time has finally come for you to present your cat with the very best products around. Playing with toys keeps your cats mind stimulated, keeps them exercised, socialized, and they can be used to help teach them new behaviors. So you’re right to keep trying to find products that they love.

To help you, we’ve got the lowdown on how to choose toys, and which toys to consider. As if that wasn’t enough, we’ve also answered the most common questions on the topic too.

Let’s get you hooked up with all the best cat toys to keep your favorite furry friend happy.

How To Choose The Best Cat Toys

With cat toys it is so easy to make impulse decisions based on how cute a toy is, or how entertaining we might find it. Whilst this approach is harmless, it isn’t the most effective when it comes to choosing the best product for your individual cat. To help you hone your cat choosing skills, consider the following when browsing products for your pet to play with:

Safety First

It is important to ensure your cat is safe when they are interacting with a toy. To help ensure your cat isn’t at risk of choking, avoid toys with glued on parts like eyes. Any loose pieces of the toy should not be small enough to be swallowed or choked on, electronic toys should be tested and secure, there should be no sharp pieces, and materials should be cat safe.

Although cats should always be supervised when playing with most toys, it makes sense to be extra cautious with buying the very safest cat toys available.

Natural Is Often Best

Toys that work with your cat’s natural instincts are often the most successful. Toys with feathers and faux fur can help to feel and look like animals your cat would naturally prey on. Toys that are interactive will often appeal to your cats hunting instincts, and puzzle toys may encourage your cat to retrieve and find food as they naturally would in the wild.

Be Cautious With Catnip

Cat toys may be stuffed with catnip and other stimulants. Not all cats react to these additions, and some may have negative reactions. It is worth trying out catnip because your cat may experience a real high when they play with it. If they do, look for toys containing alternatives such as silver vine.

Expense Doesn’t Equal Success

Just because a cat toy costs more doesn’t make it any more likely to impress your cat. Any cat owner knows that a cat can be more impressed with the box a toy came in than the box itself.

Stick to your budget and you will find a toy that is perfect for your cat, without having to pay through the nose.

Solo Or Together?

Some toys work well for kitties to play with alone, and others are perfect for you to play with them. Solo toys tend to be bopped, stalked and pounced on. Reward treats might require a bit of work from the cat to get a treat. Toys for you to use together are toys like fishing rods where you encourage the cat to stalk and pounce. Laser pens are also toys you can both enjoy together improving your bond, and boosting those happy memories made.

What Is The Toy For?

It can help to have a specific focus for the toy when you buy it. You will then be looking for specific features that meet your criteria. For example: is your kitty one of the 55% of Americas cats who are obese or overweight? If so, the toy should encourage chasing, running and physical activity. Or perhaps your cat needs to eat treats slowly, in which case the toy should stimulate their mind and make them have to think and work for their treats.

Work With Your Cats Natural Preferences

Every cat toy will list how the toy is meant to affect your cat, and yet that is rarely what happens. Instead of assuming the toy will work for your cat, consider how the toy works and then think about whether your cat will naturally like it. For example: a cat who is rarely interested in butterflies and birds is unlikely to be bothered by a fluttering toy. A cat who requires the toy to move, to bring forward his hunting instincts, is unlikely to play with a stationary toy that does nothing. A cat that doesn’t like unknown movements, may well hate a toy with electronics that rolls or moves around on its own.

Think about your cat’s natural preferences and find a toy that suits those preferences.

Best Cat Toys Currently Available

To help you get an idea of what’s available, here’s our run down of the best cat toys to consider:

Pawaboo Cat Tunnel Tube 3-Way

Pawaboo Cat Tunnel Tube 3-Way

A Great Toy For Indoor Cats Who Want To Explore

Tunnels are some of the best cat toys for indoor cats because they encourage exploration and curiosity urges they would usually satisfy outside. The Pawaboo tunnel not only works well to suit those needs, but it has three tunnels for three times the hiding fun. Cats and kittens will love hiding in the tunnel which even has an added bell, ball and peephole for extra interest.

Owners will love that the tunnel is easily wipe clean, durable and easily collapsed when not being used.

Why We Like It:
  • Perfect for multi-cat households
  • Collapsible and easily cleaned
  • Satisfies indoor cat exploration needs
  • Central peephole, bell and ball
What We Don’t Like:
  • Wire reinforcement may not withstand particularly boisterous cats
  • May be too small for larger cats

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SmartyKat Electronic Sound, Motion or Light Cat Toys

SmartyKat Electronic Sound, Motion or Light Cat Toys

One Of The Best Electronic Cat Toys For Cats Who Love To Hunt

The SmartyKat electronic toy works by replicating the way hidden prey might move underneath a cover. A wand with a furry toy and ribbons moves erratically underneath the fabric along with moving lights for added stimulation. There are also two speeds to vary the way the toy operates, for added variation.

If your cat enjoys hunting and responds to prey-like movement they may well love this toy. Owners will also appreciate that it has been tested to child safety standards, for peace of mind your kitty will be safe during play.

Why We Like It:
  • Perfect for cats who love to hunt
  • Tested to child safety standards
  • Two speed modes
  • Durable
What We Don’t Like:
  • Material can crumple up when they prey is ‘caught’
  • Can struggle to work well on carpet

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Potaroma 10″ Electric Moving Cat Kicker Fish Toy

Potaroma 10 inch Electric Moving Cat Kicker Fish Toy

A Great Toy For Cats Who Love To Bunny Kick

Is your kitty a bunny kicker? If she is, you might want to think about getting this cute Poraroma wiggling fish toy. It’s the perfect size at 10 inches for kitty to hug and bunny kick their ‘prey’. To further add to their excitement, the toy wiggles when the cat touches it.

Along with natural catnip, these features all add to the natural want to squeeze and grip the toy, making it much more than a kicker, and a real hit with cats who love these kinds of products.

Owners will love that the product is USB chargeable, so there’s no need to pay for replacement batteries all the time.

Why We Like It:
  • USB chargeable
  • Wiggles and moves like real prey
  • Catnip infused
  • Cute design
What We Don’t Like:
  • Quite noisy
  • Motion sensor isn’t very sensitive

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Cat Dancer – Cat Charmer Wand Teaser Toy

Cat Dancer - Cat Charmer Wand Teaser Toy

One Of The Best Cat Toys For Exercise

If you’re trying to get your kitty to move, this cat charmer wand could be a really great choice of toy. It looks really cute with rainbow colors, so much so you may struggle not to just play with it yourself!

Once the cat gets a turn, you can do a lot with this toy. The wand handle is nice and long, enabling you to plant the ‘teaser end’ right near a cat who may be across the room from you. The fleecy, multicolored ribbon end can then be placed and gently slid across the ground for the cat to chase. You can also dangle it, drag it across the floor, and the cat can even catch it and kick it.

Why We Like It:
  • 78 inch long ribbon
  • Fleece is durable
  • Colorful
  • Encourages play between cat and owner
What We Don’t Like:
  • Stretchy fleece can be stretched out without returning to the same size
  • Print is not always rainbow colored as advertised

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Easyology Amazing Roller Cat Toy

Easyology Amazing Roller Cat Toy

If Your Cats Love The Best Interactive Cat Toys They Will Love This Product

The Amazing Roller Cat Toy is a three tier toy which contains circular tracks containing three separate balls. It is a simple design which will encourage your cat to track and chase their prey, dabbing and trying to get the balls out. The fact there are three tracks also makes the toy suitable for multi-cat households.

Owners will like that there are no electronics, feathers, fur, loose sections, strings or ornaments that could pose a safety issue for the cat.

Why We Like It:
  • No Loose Parts
  • Suitable for multi-cat households
  • Lightweight and easy to store
  • Easy clean
What We Don’t Like:
  • May be unsuitable for large cats
  • Some cats may prefer the balls to make a noise

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MeoHui 11PCS Retractable Cat Feather Toy Set

MeoHui 11PCS Retractable Cat Feather Toy Set

One Of The Best Cat Toys For Bored Cats

If you struggle to get your cat to take interest in activities, this toy set could be the answer. It not only comes with two telescopic wands that extend to nearly 40 inches, but it also comes with 9 feather teaser attachments. So if they find one attachment boring, or they destroy one, you can simply attach another with ease.

Owners will appreciate that the feathers are eco-friendly, safe and non-toxic and the wand materials have been improved for added durability.

Why We Like It:
  • Gives kitties optimum choice of play attachments
  • Telescopic wands
  • Excellent for multi-cat households
  • Safe feather attachments
What We Don’t Like:
  • Feathers detach easily
  • String is not particularly stringy and doesn’t have much give

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SmartyKat Tea TeazersCat Toys

SmartyKat Tea TeazersCat Toys

Simple & Compact Cat Toys Perfect For Kittens

These compact catnip mice are perfect for young kittens learning to tap and chase toys that mimic prey. The mice are furry and filled with 100% recycled plastic. The catnip infusion is also chemical and pesticide free, and encourages both cats and kittens to play and experience a natural kitty high.

Why We Like It:
  • Small and easily carried and tapped
  • Great for smaller cats and kittens
  • Infused with pesticide and chemical-free catnip
  • Filled with 100% recycled plastic
What We Don’t Like:
  • Not particularly durable
  • Smaller parts of the mouse are chewed off during play

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Bergan Turboscratcher Cat Toy

Bergan Turboscratcher Cat Toy

One Of The Best Cat Toys For Older Cats

The Turboscratcher is designed to provide stimulation and excitement for your cat with a simple ball inside a circular track. The catnip infused ball can be tapped inside the track, encouraging your cat to hunt and chase trying to catch it or pull it out.

The product is particularly good for older cats, limited movement cats or cats with limited vision as it limits the play area, so cats can play without having to move around much.

The middle scratcher pad is made from corrugated cardboard and is designed to encourage kitty to scratch and stretch whilst she plays which is an added bonus.

Why We Like It:
  • Toy and scratcher in one
  • Excellent for older cats or disabled cats
  • Durable
  • Great for kittens learning how to play
What We Don’t Like:
  • May slide around if not on a grippy surface
  • Ball will come out with excessive force

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Petcube Play 2

Petcube Play 2

High-Tech Toy & Pet Monitoring For Owners Who Want The Latest Innovations

If you’re looking to invest in a toy that has a lot to offer not only your pet, but your family, then you may be interested in the Petcube Play 2. When it comes to what this toy can do it’s more a case of, what can’t it do? The cube currently offers:

  • 24/7 per monitoring with WIFI pet cam including night vision, sound and zoom capability
  • 2-way audio enabling you to chat to your pet
  • The ability for you to play with your pet using a built-in laser toy
  • Built-in Alexa assistant enabling you to use the product to play music, answer questions and control other smart home devices
  • Downloadable video clips

Keeping your pet company whilst you are out has never been easier. This is a toy for both you and your cat, and is particularly great for anxious pet owners who want to know kitty is safe.

Why We Like It:
  • Ability to watch and speak to cats whilst you are out
  • Laser feature can be remotely operated or put on auto play
  • Built-in Alexa
  • Attractive design
What We Don’t Like:
  • Pricey
  • Requires subscription to use all the features

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If you’re still feeling like you need to know more, we’ve got you covered with these common cat toy questions answered:

My cat finds every cat toy boring, what can I do?

The best cat toys to keep them busy will be the ones that work with their natural interests. Observe what they are naturally interested in and get a toy that emulates that interest. If they are truly disinterested in life in general, it might be time for a vet visit as there could be an underlying issue.

Are laser toys safe for cats?

As long as they are certified safe and they are not ever pointed directly in your cats eyes, they are generally considered to be a safe toy. If you are concerned about their safety, consult your vet for further advice.

Are there any additional accessories my indoor cat would like as well as toys?

Yes, an indoor cat will probably enjoy a cat scratching post and a cat tree to enjoy. These will help keep his claws in good shape, and encourage him to climb and investigate as he would outdoors. You might also want to invest in a nice cat bed too.

How many hours a day should I play with my cat?

According to studies, if you play with your cat an hour a day it will increase your cats lifespan for four hours each time, and it will boost their mental health. This is especially true for indoor cats.

Are there any cat toys I can make for free?

Cats are very easy to entertain with free toys. For inspiration, why not checkout this Kitten Lady video with five easy cat toys kids can make at home?

For any further guidance on buying the best cat toys, especially if you’re worried about safety, please speak to your veterinarian.

Your Kitty Will Be Playing With The Best Cat Toys In No Time!

With the right products, your cat will experience better physical and mental health, and a better relationship with you as an added bonus. With our tips above and plenty of fun research from you, your cat will be playing and exercising with the best cat toys in no time.

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