Best Cat Beds

The Best Cat Beds For Your Favorite Feline

Cats may have you believe that a cardboard box/ pile of fresh washing/ piece of paper on the floor is an entirely adequate sleeping spot. However, they can actually benefit from a proper bed designed to suit their needs.

The best cat beds can all kinds of benefits including:

  • Warmth
  • Orthopedic support
  • Encouraging cuddling between cats
  • A place of security
  • The ability to climb
  • The ability to scratch and stretch

Of course, every cat bed is different in what it has to offer, and it’s not always easy to know which bed is right for your favorite floofer. Let’s face it, cats are pretty picky so, it’s very easy to get the wrong product and waste your money.

From Q&A’s, to tips on narrowing your choice down, and a rundown of some of the very best products, we’ve got everything you need to get the best cat beds for your kitty.

How To Choose The Best Cat Bed

Cats can sleep up to 16 hours a day, so rest is really important. Here’s what to think about when you choose a cat bed for your pet:

The Size Of Your Cat

You don’t want your cat to have to squeeze into a bed that they can’t fully fit in, nor be so large that they can’t snuggle. Measure your cat when they are curled up for a good indication of the minimum size the bed should be, allowing a good few inches around those diameters.

The Warmth Your Cat Prefers

Most cats like warmth, but some are put off by anything too warm, or with a texture, they don’t like, even if it is warm. Cat beds can provide warmth with cozy fleeces and surfaces, which work for cats who don’t like additional heat or ‘suspect’ textures.

If your cat has arthritis, like over 80% of cats over 10, then he may benefit from extra heat in the bed you buy. This could be from bed inserts heated up in the microwave, special electric blankets, or warming mats activated by the heat of the cat’s body. Just be sure to double-check the safety recommendations of the product before you purchase it, so you know it is safe for your kitty.


If a cat bed is not more inviting than your human bed, the towel pile, or your sofa blanket, then your cat will not choose it over those spots, where you may not want her.

Choose a comfy, and cozy bed your cat will want to snuggle up on and snooze in. If it doesn’t look particularly cozy or inviting to you, your cat is likely to agree (unless it’s a cardboard box, because of cat logic).

Your Cats Preferred Sleeping Style Or Shape

If your cat is a hider, then you should look for a bed with high sides or a cave shape. If your cat is a player, then a platform or large stretching area is a great idea. If your cat is a loaf, smaller perching areas might work best. Try to consider your cat’s typical sleeping style and echo that in the bed you choose.


Ideally, the bed will have removable cushions or covers that can be washed and dried easily. Cats can bring in mud, debris, food and other things into their bed so it makes sense to be able to easily clean it.

Your Needs

When it comes to cat beds, you might be lucky in getting something to suit your decor and your cat’s needs. However, it is a good idea to choose something you know your cat will like as a primary part of your decision making, with your preference as a second. Getting drawn into beautiful or novelty designs without putting your cat’s preferences first, is a risky purchase style that could result in a rejected bed and a dent in your bank balance.

A Sense Of Safety

A cat needs to feel safe to sleep, so it is important that you ensure the bed provides that sense of safety. Height can be a great way to offer that safety, as cats will seek a high spot to overlook potential danger and prey on the ground. Some cats feel safer inside an enclosed space, whereas some cats don’t feel safe that way because they can’t see what’s going on in the room.

Check your cat’s safety habits and echo those with their bed so they feel able to relax properly.

The Best Cat Beds To Consider

To help you get a head start in your search for the perfect bed for your cat, here are some of the best cat beds around for you to consider:

The Refined Feline Kitty Ball

The Refined Feline Kitty Ball

The Best Cat Bed For Large Cats

The Refined Feline Kitty Ball is sure to please a cat that would just love their very own chair in the home. Shaped like an open sphere, it provides a comfy curved spot for the cat to sleep in, with overhead coverage for a sense of safety.

Elevation 11 inches from the floor means kitty gets to oversee her kingdom. A 17-inch spread also gives plenty of room for her to curl and spread as she sees fit, or for multiple cats to snuggle together.

Owners will love that the rattan bed is aesthetically pleasing, suiting the style of any modern home.

Why We Like It:
  • Looks nice
  • Large enough for a big cat or multiple cats
  • Provides height and an enclosed space for a sense of safety
  • Low enough to be senior cat friendly
What We Don’t Like:
  • Cushion inside could be considered a little too small
  • Bolt securing the ball to the base could be stronger

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Kitty City Large Cat Bed, Stackable Cat Cube

Kitty City Large Cat Bed, Stackable Cat Cube

The Best Cat Bed For Kittens Who Love To Play & Snooze

If you have cats that are cubby hole lovers then this could be the perfect bed for them. It provides a multitude of sleeping spaces and snuggle covers so that cats can choose their preferred sleeping spot. Inside areas with entry circles are perfect for ‘hiders’. Two cushioned perch sections are great for nosy cats who like height, to oversee their kingdom.

Owners will love that the cushions that come with the product are removable and machine washable. You can also easily add to the condo by purchasing extra stackable cubes.

Why We Like It:
  • Multiple sleeping spots, inside and outside
  • Removable, washable cushions
  • Easy to assemble
  • Sturdy, but light enough to move to different spots
What We Don’t Like:
  • Materials may mean it isn’t durable long-term for very curious/ boisterous cats
  • Cats who scratch may remove the cover material quite quickly

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Best Friends by Sheri OrthoComfort Deep Dish Cuddler

Best Friends by Sheri OrthoComfort Deep Dish Cuddler

The Best Cat Bed For Older Cats Who Need Joint Support

This Deep Dish Cuddler does exactly what it says on the tin, and actively cuddles your kitty as much as any bed can.

It has a 12 inch back wall for a sense of safety and to support joint pain. A 9-inch front support then gives your cat somewhere comfy to hold their head, although she’s likely to donut herself in no time because she’s so comfy.

In the middle of the Best Friends by Sheri, a squashy, Airloft fiber filled cushion to snuggle and support your pet. The product is also covered in a super-soft Sherpa fluff that any pet would be enticed by.

Why We Like It:
  • Comes in a variety of colors and two sizes
  • Shape and style entices kitty to snuggle
  • Waterproof bottom
  • Squashy, but sturdy
What We Don’t Like:
  • May not regain bed shape after shipping
  • May not be durable enough for boisterous pets

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MEOWFIA Premium Cat Bed Cave

MEOWFIA Premium Cat Bed Cave

A Great Buy For Eco-Friendly Cat Owners

If you’re a planet-friendly pet owner then this product might just be a great choice for you. It is free from chemicals and synthetics, shaped with 100% merino wool. The wool provides warmth and comfort for your cat, with a little flexibility too, for extra malleability. The cave shape is perfect for cats who like to hide away whilst they sleep, to feel safe.

Owners will appreciate that merino wool naturally repels debris, dirt, stains and odor.

Why We Like It:
  • Eco-friendly
  • No chemicals or synthetics
  • Cats can sleep inside it, or on top of it
  • Natural insulation for warmth or cold depending on the season
What We Don’t Like:
  • Cats may bite and chew wool
  • If used flat for a long time it may not retain sturdiness to be a cave again

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Best Pet Supplies Pet Tent

Best Pet Supplies Pet Tent

A Super Simple Bed Available In A Range Of Materials & Colors

If you’re looking for a simple bed for your cat or kitten, the Best Pet Supplies pet tent is a good option. The simple cave shape provides warmth and coziness for your cat. You can also place the product anywhere as it is so light, and there is no assembly required.

Owners will appreciate the choice of bed materials, which can be linen, suede or corduroy depending on your preferences. It comes in a few different sizes too, with a maximum height of 19 inches so you can ensure it will be the perfect fit for your kitty.

Why We Like It:
  • Machine washable
  • Simple and effective cave design
  • Comes in a variety of sizes, materials and colours
  • Lightweight and easy to move around
What We Don’t Like:
  • Pillow inside is not very thick
  • Largest size may not cater to very large cats, like maine coons

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Petmate Aspen Pet Self Warming Bed

Petmate Aspen Pet Self Warming Bed

Provides Kitty With Warmth Without The Need For Electricity

If you like the idea of giving your cat some extra warmth, but you’re not ready for electric or microwaveable cushions, then this could be a good choice.

The Aspen self-warming bed has a Mylar layer that reflects the pet’s own body heat to warm them up. It also uses faux lamb’s wool for extra insulation, and a comfy corduroy surround.

Owners will love that the product is a large 19.5 inches all round, so kitty can snuggle, burrow or splay. The bottom is also non-slip, for added security whilst she makes cookies, or otherwise rummages to find the most perfect sleeping position.

Why We Like It:
  • Good size for long or large cats
  • Non-slip bottom
  • Self warming
  • Snuggly faux lambs wool cushion
What We Don’t Like:
  • Non-slip grips may not survive the dryer (product listed as dryer safe)
  • May not be durable to excessive cookie making activity

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K&H PET PRODUCTS Thermo-Kitty Heated Deluxe Hooded Cat Bed

KH PET PRODUCTS Thermo-Kitty Heated Deluxe Hooded Cat Bed

The Best Heated Cat Bed For Snuggly Cats

If your cat is a heat fiend, the kind who will fry in the sun for hours, or sizzle by the fire like a little kitty sausage, then this could be the perfect bed for them. It uses a dual thermostat 4-watt heater that warms the surface up to 10-15 degrees above air temperature. Cats who love extra warmth, or who could benefit from heat therapy for arthritis, will really love this bed.

Owners will be pleased to know the heated aspect of the bed isn’t the only benefit. The circular shape with foam orthopaedic walls provides security and comfort for your cat. It can be used with or without the hood, and the furry cover is comfortable and warming for kitty without the heating on.

Why We Like It:
  • Extra-warmth with electric heating element
  • Removable hood
  • Covers can be removed and machine washed
  • Orthopedic foam walls
What We Don’t Like:
  • Electrical cord restricts placement of bed when heater is used
  • May not get warm enough for some climates/ cats

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BODISEINT Modern Soft Plush Round Pet Bed

BODISEINT Modern Soft Plush Round Pet Bed

A Cozy Choice For Burrowing Kitties

If you are looking for a simple donut bed for your cat to enjoy, the Bodiseint round pet bed is a really good choice. It is made from self-warming faux fur that is snuggly and warm for cats, especially those who enjoy making cookies. The squashy recycled polyester cushioning inside provides support and comfort, for happy snoozing.

Owners will love the water-resistant non-skid bottom, and the fact that it can be machine-washed.

Why We Like It:
  • Comfy and snuggly design
  • Machine washable
  • Water-resistant and non-skid bottom
  • Comes in a variety of colours
What We Don’t Like:
  • Cover is not removable and bed has to be dried in a dryer to avoid matting
  • May not hold shape as expected

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Necoichi Cat-Headed Scratcher Bed

Necoichi Cat-Headed Scratcher Bed

Innovatively Designed Cat Scratcher & Cat Bed In One

If you want a cat bed that combines cute aesthetic with practical use, then the Necoichi is worth considering. It is designed to be the perfect snuggle shape for your cat to snooze and laze around in. For extra benefits, it also contains layered corrugated cardboard for kitty to stretch and flex his paws inside. The fact that it feels like a box will definitely entice your cat into something cuter than an ugly packaging box he’s made a home of in your living room.

Owners will appreciate the look of the bed, and the fact it is made from natural corn-starch glue, so you can feel assured your cat is snoozing in a toxic and chemical free space.

Why We Like It:
  • Scratcher and bed in one
  • Cute design
  • Toxic and chemical free
  • Sturdy
What We Don’t Like:
  • Product may be too small for larger cats
  • May not be durable enough for particularly boisterous/ destructive cats

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AmazonBasics Collapsible Cat House with Bed

AmazonBasics Collapsible Cat House with Bed

The Best Budget-Friendly Cat Bed

For value and budget-friendly cat accessories, you can’t go wrong with the Amazon Basics collapsible cat house with a bed. Shaped like a cube, it fits easily into most spaces and holds its shape well when assembled. It can easily be collapsed and stored for travel or house cleaning. Your cat will love that he can choose between a hiding spot inside the cube or a perch/bed on top complete with Sherpa covering for comfort and warmth.

Fun-loving cats will go wild for the well-designed ‘play circles’ which can be used as entry points, or for playtime.

Why We Like It:
  • Budget-friendly
  • Well-designed
  • Multiple uses, double sleeping areas
  • Easily assembled and collapsed
What We Don’t Like:
  • Play/ entry circle buffers can come off easily
  • Chemical smell may be off putting for owners when product first arrives

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If you are still feeling a little unsure as to how to choose the best bed for your cat, here are some of the most common cat bed questions and answers to help you further:

Which Is The Best Orthopedic Cat Bed?

The best orthopedic cat beds usually offer support, warmth, comfort and ease of access. If your cat has arthritis and they cannot jump or stretch out, choose a floor bed with lots of cushioning and support. If they don’t mind climbing a bit, ensure they don’t have to jump far, or there are easy access ladders or step-ups so they can get to their bed with ease.

What Is The Best Cat Bed?

There aren’t really any leading brands of cat beds. The best thing you can do is read reviews and informative articles like this one, and choose a bed that suits your cat’s needs the most.

Do Cats Like Big Or Small Beds?

Most cats like to snuggle, however, it is often best to give a cat a choice if you can. Cats may alternate between snuggling, hiding, splaying, loafing and perching whilst they snooze. The more choice you offer them with your bed, the more likely they are to use it.

Do Cats Like Sleeping In Cat Beds?

A lot of the time, cats are picky and so, will potentially reject the first 50 cat beds you buy. They are guaranteed to sleep in the boxes the beds come in though.

In all seriousness though, the more you can get a handle on your cats sleeping habits and mirror those needs in the cat bed you buy, the more likely he is to use it.

My Kitty Likes To Perch, Which Cat Bed Would He Prefer?

Cats who like to perch and sleep will enjoy a raised cat bed or sleeping spots within a cat tree. A cat like this is likely to reject a floor cat bed.

Should A Cat Bed Provide Extra Benefits To The Cat?

Beds that have cat toys, or that double up as a cat scratching post, can be of great benefit to a cat. Do be mindful though that your cat may prefer one use or another of his bed, and in many cases, may not utilize all of the cat bed facilities. For this reason, you could be better off purchasing separate products rather than an ‘all in one’ as it gives you a better chance of spacing things out in a way your cat is most likely to use the different products.

Why Does My Cat Sleep On Everything But His Cat Bed?

Because cats are very much their own person, and they will choose a place they deem to be safe and comfortable, even if that is your newly laundered black suit, folded on the highest shelf you have. Or a piece of newspaper on the kitchen floor.

It is a case of trial and error with cat beds, but rest assured, you will eventually find something he likes, for at least, two minutes.

Your Cat Will Love His New Bed
Using our tips, information and pointers above you can find the perfect bed for your furry feline.

Cats are notorious for using everything but the new cat bed you buy them. However, when you do eventually find ‘the one’ that they use, it is well worth the wait.

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