Ways to Show Love to Your Dog

Ways to Show Love to Your Dog

Have you ever wondered how to show a dog you love him?

We all love our dogs very much, and we tell them so many times every single day in various squeaky, baby voices. Whilst this makes us feel good, and your dog no doubt enjoys the attention, it isn’t actually the most effective way to let your dog know he is loved.

In fact, many of the ways we, as humans, show affection, such as hugging, dogs can feel uncomfortable with, because it makes them feel trapped or even threatened.

Some owners may also show their love with food. This can be a real problem when the pet then gains weight, and suffers from the various issues that come with pet obesity. According to studies, more than half of pet dogs in North America are overweight or obese. Those figures are reflected in many countries, because we love to love our dogs in the wrong way.

So, how do you love your dog in the right way?

Let’s take a closer look:

Does A Dog Understand Love?

It’s complicated. There is clearly a bond between man and dog shown in many studies. However, the way that we love, is not necessarily love in your dog’s language. Dogs live in packs and so, they rely on others in their pack for signs they are loved and approved of.

Dogs are seen touching each other, showing certain physical signs, and taking part in activities as a pack to boost their bond.

How Do I Show My Dog That I Love Him?

If you’re wondering how to show your dog you love them in a way they understand, try some of these methods:

Rub His Perfect Ears

Rub His Perfect Ears
Try gently rubbing your pooch behind his ears and you’ll probably see him get real happy, real quick. This happiness occurs because a dog’s ears are basically his happy flappies. Rubbing them helps to create endorphins, the happy hormone that makes us feel pleasure.

Baby Voice All You Want

Doggy baby voice might feel silly but studies have actually proved that dogs like it. You speak in your own rhythmic way with the words the dog associates with positivity and your dog absolutely loves it. Set that doggy voice free you ickle bickle shmuckems you.


walk with your dog
Walkies is an essential part of keeping your dog exercised and stimulated day to day. It also allows your dog to socialize with other dogs, enjoy nature and experience various stimulus. As you’re also walking with them, you’re enjoying adventures together, which increases the bond and trust between you and boosts that all important love you share.

Lie Closely Together

Lie Closely Together
Pop on a movie, get a blankie and snuggle up with your four legged friend. Not only will this be entirely blissful for you, but for him, it represents the kind of security and affection he would naturally have with his pack.

Some people choose to show their affection in this way by allowing their dog to sleep in the bed with them. This isn’t for everybody though, so snuggling up with your dog on the sofa or on the floor is totally fine too. Having a little nap together is even better as it shows you trust each other to keep each other safe in this vulnerable position.

Train Your Dog

Train Your Dog
Dogs feel secure knowing what their rules and guidelines are. It is how they operate within a pack, and knowing you are pack leader will help them feel secure in their rank. Using dog treats, and good training techniques, you can establish a really strong relationship with your dog which keeps him feeling safe and secure.

Read To Your Dog

Apparently, reading to a dog helps relieve his anxiety and calms him. This activity is really helpful for stressed dogs, and it will increase your bond together at the same time, letting your dog know he is loved and he is safe.

Next time he seems a little bit on edge, sit down on his level and make yourself comfortable with a book. Then, speaking softly, read to your dog for a half hour and see what happens. The chances are he will fall into a comfortable slumber to the sound of your voice.

Give Your Dog The Eye

This may sound a little weird, but giving your dog the eye is actually a way to say you love him. What this means is, talking softly to him, and then staring at him as you do so, whilst raising your eyebrows. At the very least, you’ll give your human family a laugh trying this out, and at most, your dog will feel totally loved by this wide eyed show of affection.

Lean On Me, When You’re Not Strong

Sometimes when you wonder how to show a dog love, the simplest of gestures can go a long way.

Leaning, for example, is a way that a dog shows that he trusts you (unless the lean is aggressive or anxious in nature).

With that in mind, when you lean against your dog he gets the same message back from you – you trust him, and you’re leaning on him to let him know.

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself.” – Josh Billings

The very fact that you’re desperate to show your dog love in the right way, shows how much of an amazing dog owner you are. The chances are, your dog already thinks you’re the coolest kid on the block, without you changing a thing.

However, having a little fun with our suggestions above won’t be the least enjoyable thing you do with your day so it’s worth giving them a go.

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